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My XTC Report!


Ok, so I will do my best to recall everything that happend, My spelling may be incorrect but bare with it please I'am really stoned right now! If all is good please continue :-) 
              Now it was Saturday night I got off work at 1:00 A.M. And talked with some friends, We where all going to go to the after party club called "Insomnia" here in Dallas, Texas. This club is open at 4:00 A.M. - ?  (I think it depends how many people show up and that will determine how long its open). I had a pill of E with me already that I saved from my previous roll, it was called a "Red Butterfly" not that strong. We leave to go to the club and on our way there me and my buddy are drinking some beer and I took my pill and popped it then started to chew it down.... (Ahhhh the taste is something I have never liked and I'v been rolling 4 quiet awhile! lol who does!?). So I get it down and finish my beer. we got to the club and got in.. I went and got 2 "blue Transformers" chewed one, Swallowed one. I went and got my lights and me and my boy go up to the VIP room, and there I bought 4 mesculine based pills. I no that one of them where a triple stack. there I swallowed 2 and chewed 2. and downed it all with the bottle of Apple Juice I had..So we go over to sit down and I start giving people light shows because alot of them where already rolling balls and my shit I new was going to hit hard!, There I just keep spinning my shit trippin people out.. I met some cool ass cats there and kicked it with them and gave em light shows and had a good time.. about 20-30 minutes later... I was starting to feel it... It was great.. I was drinking my water and bouncing to the techno, and giving lightshows.. it was great... I then sat down and drank some more water... and I felt like I was going to throw up... I held it down becuause I didn't wanna lose those pills.. My boy gave me a water bottle and told me to drink more because I wasn't having enough.. so I drank more and It went away.. Its hitting me harder and harder.. and I just feel completly at peace with Everything! and Everyone.. I got some lightshows and it just started to make me roll harder!! I started to see doubles!! of everything... my vision started to get all blurry and It was just unexplainable!! the feeling was unexplainable... I was in a whole diffrenet world...I later felt my stomach again.. and my other boy told me to just throw up because it would make me feel better.. so I just said fuck it in my head!!! and lead over and threw up in the trash can... he was right i did feel better.. but I know it stopped me from rolling longer, but I still rolled for 13 hours.. now we are all chillin in the chairs bouncing our feet to the beat because we couldn't move our upper bodys out of the chairs.. so we pounded to the beat.. I gotta say it was so great.. I had a great time.. it was a great experience.. I rolled the hardest ever.. and I have done quiet a bit E.. I do not abuse it, I go to work I pay my bills.. I use it in moderation.. I do have to say.. I can't wait for the next one.. I will be better prepared with some 5-htp and everything elts!... that is all hope you all enjoyed my story.. 
                        -CaM. AkA., Tracers.

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