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First mushrooms trip

took an 1/8th alone

Well this was awhile back but I'm bored so I will contribute something to the trip reports section.

That night my friends had went to target and picked up some Corisidin Cold & Cough (Has DXM in it) and they gave me 10 tablets so I drank them down and we where hanging out there for maybe an hour and I was trippin out a bit. Don't do corisidin it has other active ingredients in it that could kill you, very stupid.

But anyways, eventually we decided to head over to my friend's house and as soon as we walked in the door his mom and sister knew he was tripping on something and started getting all worked up so we ditched out of there and they dropped me off at home.
I was still tripping out and decided to go on Call Of Duty 4 and in excitement I took the 1/8th of mushrooms down and gobbled them all down chewing them good to allow my gums to disolve the juices.

Started playing Call Of Duty and I was feeling really sociable and I started yelling at people because I was pissed they didn't have mics and it wasn't long before I started tripping, I didn't really notice it happening, I was really focused on the game but I had a lot of euphoria and was going around online just saying stuff like "Wowww cool." and "holy shit damn thats nuts" and I wasn't over exaggerating, and I have had this game since it came out so usually I would be bored as hell, hahahaha. Basically I was dazing in and out because I would snap in and out of awareness of what I'm doing on the game and I would just be running in circles getting my ass kicked by newbies and I would just be open mouthed in oooo and awww.

There was Bob Marley music playing and I was having a good times, I wasn't all there and a bit confused but I was having an alright time. I looked around my room and everything seemed brighter, I thought I saw matrix code outlining my window curtains and I was just like "Dayyumm sweet." but then a 'dark song' came on and it seemed like the room just grue gloomy, like dark and I was suddenly very scared. I could feel my fear grow worse and I heard a woman laughing at me from somewhere and I knew it was from the music so right away I got onto the computer and clicked away to a better song and felt myself start to become a bit cheerful again but I realized how prone and sensitive I was to a bad trip and it sorta made me shiver, there was some player on call of duty 4 that was just listening to me a good a portion of my trip , while I was tripping out like "holy shit wtf is happening." he was just jumping around in front of me and I was just like "Haha, this is my nigga, you are like my gateway to reality dude" and he ended up adding me probably because he thought it was hilarious watching me run around on cod4 like an idiot while tripping out.

I got up from my seat and looked at my hands and they where morphing, they looked wavy and I was just like holy shit, and I went to the bathroom and I would just daze out in the middle of taking a piss and wonder how long I was standing there, I felt like I could have been standing there for hours but I would go back and look at the clock and it would be the same time over 1 minute past, I would daze out on call of duty and think I was out of it FOREVER but I would look at the clock and it would be the same time, I don't think I was hallucinating it, I think just so much was going on inside my head that would never happen in such a short period of time no matter how hard I tried to think while sober that it would seem like an eternity has passed. basically the night was like a puzzle except all the pieces where mixed up broken into fragments that can't be put together, I would daze out taking a piss and come to and be like wow, im an idiot thinking im sober and I wonder if i hallucatined all the other shit or something then it would happen again, just dazing in and out of reality and whats going on. i went back into my room and the walls where morphing a little bit, but nothing too serious, they wern't melting away or anything.

For some reason I kept looking at my pillow thinking it was evil or something, I thought it looked sort of possessed or something like it was glaring at me but it didn't attack me or talk to me thank god, lol.

Each breath felt amazing, I can't explain it.. Not just mentally like ahh I never understood how amazing each breath of air you take is, but it felt extremely weird physically, and through the night even though I reminded myself I was tripping, I couldn't help but wonder if something was going to happen to me shrooms and corisidin floating around in my stomach.

I layed down and tried to sleep with the lights off, I saw dancing colors on the walls and I felt like like my mind was unlocked all of a sudden, I started having just crazy back flashes to little things people have said to me, but I can't really remember them now, but when I was on mushrooms they where so vivid they just came out of no where from the depth of my mind buried under thousands of other thoughts and just like that I saw them clear as crystal and I knew the answer to them, I was convinced there was some type godess behind the magic mushroom, she was a woman has been around from the ancient times and knew everything there was about life and what our purpose here was (i think thats who was laughing earlier in my trip) and she was teaching me everything but would return my mind to how it was before the next morning because she thinks the world is not ready for what she has to offer to teach. I can't say I liked knowing the purpose of life, i can't explain to you what that purpose was, because like the lady in my trip was telling me... i would forget when the trip is gone. i saw the inside of my brain, tons of tunnels and with each breath it felt like I learned more the oxygen rushes through out my brain and I completely understood everything there was to know, i cant really explain it and if you never had this kind of trip before you would never be able to imagine what im talking about, it was just crazy.

All in all I found it very worthwhile, a very amazing experience. I will be doing mushrooms again but next time with a friend to keep me company. :)

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