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Shroom- a- lade

The sex of great tea or kool-aid

Now I appreciate all the info and the insight I have seen I am going to apply it to this method.

   1. medium to small pot
   2.NEW panty hose or cheese cloth
   3. 7.5-10grams of your pick(fresh pref.)
   4. 1-2 packets of pink lemonade KA
   5. large pitcher or party pitcher
   6.  sugar
1. I hear of alot of  people boiling there shrooms, but to me it hurries a delicate process. Its kinda like sex, you don't want to blow your load right off the bat, you wanna savor it. No one boils a pot of tea, they let it steep so you get the full-body flavor of the tea. Now I could be wrong, but logically  boiling it to me doesn't extract everything. What I recommend is filling a pot (depending what size it is) one-half to two thirds full. Chop your shrooms finely and dump  them into the panty house, making sure that it's not too restricted and then tie it off. Too get more bang for your buck crush up some vitamin C tablets into the water and stir vigorously(you do this first) making sure it fully dissolves and not resting at the bottom. Now you can also use a cheese cloth (which is found in every grocery store in the baking isle) so you dont have to full with the panty hose and it acts like a filter when you dump the pot into the pitcher.
2.You want it on low heat between 1-3 or where the flame is blue and just above the element, during this time your constantly stirring and mashing to get more of that beautiful blue ink. You want to do this for about 20 minutes and then I turn my heat down to about 1.5 or on a gas stove where the blue flame is barely coming out.
3.Now you let the holy water simmer for 45min to 2hrs, stirring occasionally or until the mush is practically mush.
4.Now with the panty hose method you fish out the panty house and squeeze all the water and the rest of the ink into the pot. Now if you use cheese cloth put it on top of the pitcher and make a bowl to catch all the water (fasten it with a rubber band for support and when you our pouring out the pot dont pour too fast because you will get it every where and wasted all that fun) when you empty the pot slowly remove and gather all the mush left over in the cloth and squeeze the residual making sure not a drop isn't lost.
5. No before we go further I wanted to point out if you wanted to make jello shots, keep it in the pot along with the mush and just add jello mix and pour it, cube it, and refrigerate its easy and the ride has layers of peaks.
6.Back to what I was saying, after you pour in the holy water. You then add the sugar(I like mine sweet so I add about a cup and a half) to your preference but do make it a little sweeter than usual. Stir the sugar and then stir in the Kool-aid.
 7.Take some ice to cool it down and fill the rest of the pitcher up with water and there you go! A shroom-a-lade that doesn't  taste just look kool-aid and best of all you and your friends will trip balls!

You can just use the base and make a tea with it. If you are just going to make tea I recommend for 2-5 people 3.5-5.0g for a kick ass experience. I saw some great tea recipe's on here that reduces nausea, headaches, and a bunch of other helpful tools to make your ride smooth..  

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