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2 grams and depressed sorta...

I have done shrooms 3 times in my life.

I have done shrooms 3 times in my life.. the first time i did 1.5 grams (dried) and it was absolutely wonderfull we had great discussions and really were creative.. the second time was very similar but i did 4 grams the second time and each time i had close friends with me. the experience was very good and i realized after the first time how profound shrooms can be as long as you are looking for a profound experience... You can work out problems and genuinely understand yourself and the world around you better when your mind has been cleared of it filters...

But last friday i had what i would call a neutral trip.. most of my trips are very positive and i think optimistic thoughts of peace and love and happiness (i'm a hippy lol). i took the day off school and i took some people with me who i thought would appriciate the trip and want to have meaningfull discussions with me ... we tripped out and they were soooooo negative.. i realized what apathetic idiots they were.. and all the did is talk about how depressed they were... so i left the house after about 2 hours and went to the forest and listen to music ... I had the Beatles 1 and the white album with me and i slipped into the music ... it was tottaly perfect and i started to have intense closed eye visuals 4 hours later the unsatisfactory world came back into focus and i walked home but i realized next time i will bring better people with me

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