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First Time - Fields are nice.

More than I expected.

-- Notes about the author --

   Before I begin, let me explain that from the moment I started reading about the magical substance that is mushrooms, I was fascinated with the thought of them and the power they hold. I read many trip reports and looked at every piece of artwork on this site. Basically, I was just absolutely dying to try them myself. I'm an artist who doesn't smoke pot, drinks only on occassion and pretty much stays out of trouble. And so, without much experience in the realm of altered states of consciences, I took a chance and tried mushrooms.

-- Preparing for take off --

   My best friend and I decided that we both wanted to try them, and so we arranged that we would do them on the weekend. We lucked out finally that Saturday afternoon and got 7 grams from someone we know at about 5:30pm. I still don't know what type they were, but the guy said they were very potent and we were in for a fun trip. I was fuckin' pumped.

   We went over and ate them with some yogurt near this forest and then waited for them to kick in. I believe I had about 3g. While it was all just getting started, we wandered around and I was trying hard to find a spot that suited me. I really didn't feel safe almost everywhere I went. And I wanted somewhere that would be entertaining. Finally, we started to feel very heavy and went and sat down at the edge of a forest near the house of my friend I was with. For the purpose of this story, we'll call her Claire.

-- The Trip --

   The effects came on very quickly after sitting down. I was sitting there with Claire and I noticed that everything started to echo and I could hear everything. There were a few kids playing catch in the field in front of us. They were pretty far away, but I could hear them loudly. Occasionally, Claire would say something to me, but I would hear the kids playing catch say it instead of Claire. I would look at the field, and it would turn into a wide landscape of grassy volcano-like things. I looked at a couple of apartment buildings a ways away, and they came alive and bent over. They had glowing orange eyes and a glowing orange mouth. When I looked at the sky, the clouds morphed into each other, went out of focus, turned different colours, and made faces. I really wanted to listen to music. Pink Floyd's "Echoes" in particular. I put my headphones in my ears and tried to get my mp3 player to work (I borrowed it from my mom for the trip since I don't have my own)... No matter what I couldn't get the stupid thing to work. I realized that having the headphones in my ears scared me anyway. So I gave up on that. I looked at my hands holding the mp3 player and every little line got deep and detailed. It made me think I was turning old and gray, so I stopped looking at my hands. Instead, I closed my eyes and lay down. I started looking at some rainbow patters in my head and some weird swirly designs with eyes on the tips of them that came towards me. I completely forgot there was a real world, and Claire brought me back to that world I had forgotten about by talking to me.

   By this time we decided for whatever reason that we should walk away from the field. I could barely walk. By now it was dark and all the lights around me got incredibly bright and saturated. Orange is my favourite colour. You could imagine how all these bright orange lights pleased me. Anyway, as we walked away, every time I'd look at the grass, it would all start to look very dead, yet it would grow at the same time, and swirl and grow bulbs on it. We got to the park which was close by and started debating on where to go. Her parents were home, but were going to leave by 7:30 so we couldn't go home yet. As she talked to me, she would occasionally just sort of teleport a few feet either closer or farther away. We had a big umbrella with us, which was closed at the time. I watched it twirl up into a knotty piece swirly wood. I looked away for a second and it was normal when I looked back. Now, there was a big group of kids at the park and they were yelling at us and laughing. They gave me real bad vibes, but one thing that calmed me down was that they appearantly knew Claire. But every time they would laugh, they would turn into some sort of gremlin things.

   This is where it started to get reaaal wonky. We decided to just sit in the field we were already pretty much at, which is infront of a suburban neighborhood road. There is one big light in the field and we sat right under it. I thought I was John Locke from Lost for a while. I looked at the sky, and the clouds that I could see (It was dark) were big giant gemotric shapes, very clearly defined. By this time I was just sitting watching things happen, looking at some awesome wavy trees (Godamn they were beautiful, swaying in the heavy wind) and my entire environment was incredibly wavy. I looked at a house which got completely encased in Ivy, and I watched some people teleport while walking down the sidewalk. One lady stood oin one spot ont he sidewalk infront of us for a while. I guess my mind got bored with her, so it decided to split her into 5 different people which all started walking away in different directions. I looked down at my legs sprawled infront of me and realized that I had almost completely melted into the grass. It was cool though, I wasn't frightened. It suddenly hit me that I was forgetting to breathe. I was just too damn amazed with all that was going on around me. So I would just take a huge breath and forget again for a while. Then I tried breathing heavily, it was an odd experience. Pretty quick after that, I lost it. Not in a bad way though. I couldn't tell whether my eyes were closed or open and I think I was crying. I was thinking about time and what was real and what wasn't. I pretty much thought that I was probably making the entire experience up in my head and I was actually just sitting doing nothing in a completely different place. At one point I was in 5 different times and places at once. I was in art class 2 days ahead of me. I was in the car driving home and was caught on shrooms. I was in the hospital and my dad was explaining to me how bad I've been. I was at Shoppers Drug Mart where we bought our yogurt earlier, and I was sitting in the field. All at once. I pretty much had absolutely no idea where I REALLY was though and got into a huge mind loop which had the same questions and answers which lead to the same questions and answers again. I decided that "1" and "Yes" were the keys to the universe. I dunno, it made sense at the time. I started hearing music which wasn't actually playing and I started seeing a lot of closed eye halucinations (I think my eyes were closed). Eventually I got out of this situation and had the same repeated conversation with Claire a few times then we decided that her parents were gone and we could go to her house. It was the middle of October and it was very cold that day. I picked up my backpack and the strap was just a stretchy piece of rubber which stretched so much that my backpack stayed on the ground and the strap was on on my shoulder. Then I somehow got it on my back eventually and it seemed to weigh 100 pounds. That was a short lived sensation though. We walked back to her house and I stopped and stared at a lot of things, while Claire dragged me forward towards her house.

   Once we got inside, the warmth just made me feel absolutely wonderful, and a bit painful at the same time. We went downstairs and sat on the couch and I must have stared at her one wall for an hour or so. I pulled on this blanket and it stretched like rubber very far. I thought that I was actually dead and that this mushroom trip would never ever end. But I was okay with it. I started getting impulses to do strange things. LIke I HAD to go put my shoes on. Or I HAD to go look at a photo on the wall. I decided I HAD to go get a drink of water. And I was wearing 2 sweaters with the hoods up at the time. I turned on the tap for the sink, bent my head over and the water splashed all over the side of the hoods. I just turned the water off and went back downstairs without thinking. I played Claire's electric piano/keyboard while it was off. Oh well. I then went upstairs and had a casual conversation with her cat. I couldn't figure out what time it was because one clock appeared to say 9:12, another Clock appeared to say 9:02, and another one said 9:43, another one said 10:20. So I was pretty confused. "Whatever, " I thought. "It's my own world, it can be whatever time I want it to be." 

   Eventually I came out of it and was just amazed at what happened. I'm sure I missed a bunch of stuff in this trip report. And there's a bunch that just cannot be described, so I can't possibly put that in here. However I did leave the trip with a feeling of amazement and accomplishment.

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