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1st Time Experience (advice and wow)

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So two days ago, I did shrooms for the first time with my gf and 2 other friends.  We each took an 1/8 and let me start by telling you that if you are a first timer, nothing you read will get you prepared for this experience.  I have actually read a lot of stories of first time experiences on this forum before taking it and even I wasn't ready.  I just wanted to post here to describe my experience and advice for first timers.

I got ready for the day by starving myself until 4:30 pm and then taking the shrooms (not sure what they were, they had white/bluish stems and gold caps).  This was definitely not needed because the trip would crazy enough without starving yourself!  Ate it with chocolate, peanut butter, and White Castle sandwiches to ease the taste and washed it down with OJ and vitamin C pills.  Right after taking these things, I felt nauseous and an unsettling feeling in my stomach.  Again, I would recommend eating normally during the day and maybe this would help with the nausea. 

About 10 minutes afterward, I felt "different".  My friends said they felt like they were high as if they just smoked weed, but for me it was different from that.  I felt really mellow and heavy... like it was hard for me to move around from the spot I was sitting.  I also felt as if I wasn't really present in the apartment.  We were watching an old rerun of Saved by the Bell and the clothes they were wearing started becoming super bright.  Everytime bright colors flashed across the screen, it was extremely noticeable.  But I couldn't really enjoy it at this point because I was still feeling a little nauseous and I was hoping that this stage would pass.  My vision became pixelated, it seemed like I was part of the TV in small, connected hexagons... like a beehive.

About 30-45 minutes in, the nausea wasn't as bad.  My short term memory was getting really jumbled up (almost like my first time smoking weed) and I felt myself moving away from reality.  It is really hard to describe this, like if reality was a place in the world, I could literally FEEL myself moving and drifting away from it.  At this point, I lost interest in the the TV show and someone suggested that we watch a DVD.  I went over to the DVD shelf they had at the apartment and I looked at all the titles and they were all moving and really shiny.  It seemed like they were three-dimensional.  I remember putting my finger in my mouth and it felt really weird.  When I closed my eyes, I saw kaleidescope colors and patterns and different colors.  We ended up watching Finding Nemo and even though I saw this movie, when I watched it at this point, I didn't remember a single scene.  Additionally, I couldn't focus on what was happening in the movie and it was scary as hell.  All the colors were so bright and I remember laughing for no reason.  I would think of something and just start cracking up. 

About 1-1.5 hours in, my two other friends went into the bedroom because they started tripping hard, and bad.  I was still in the living room with my gf and I was just thinking and laughing about everything.  I couldn't focus on anything and I felt I was 100% detached from reality.  I thought to myself, "oh this is what other people must feel like when they are tripping on shrooms, and how retarded I must seem if there was a sober person here."  I had a need to feel connected back to reality because I had drifted so far from it, I decided to call some of my friends to talk about it.  For you first timers, I recommend that you have someone sober there to take care of you and to talk to.  It would really help.  At this point my mind was racing and my thoughts were coming so fast but I would forget them as another thought popped up.  I remember going to the bathroom to pee and while I was peeing, I looked down at the toilet, and I cracked up laughing for no reason...

About 1.5-2 hours in, I decided to go into the bedroom to check on my two other friends.  They were tripping really bad.  My gf came in the bedroom and she said she started feeling bad too.  I started feeling bad but I didn't want it to ruin my experience so I wanted to get out of the room and out of the apartment.  My advice for first timers, if your friends are tripping bad, STAY AWAY FROM THEM!  It is really contagious.  As soon as I dragged my gf out of the room and back into the living room, I was feeling better.  I suggested we should go outside for a walk.  She was hesitatant at first but I convinced her.  At this point my nose was stuffy because I had a cold and the feeling was really annoying.  When I touched my nose, I couldn't feel it and it would freak me out but I tried not to think of it.  If you guys ever start having bad thoughts, try to change your thoughts and you will feel better. 

About 2-3.5 hours in, my gf and I went outside for a walk.  I wanted to look for a convenience store around the area to get some Tylenol for my cold.  My thoughts were still racing and I thought about everything humanly possible.  I thought of all the posts I read on this forum and I remember thinking "oh this must be why there are so many people trying to describe what this feeling is like... it's so hard to describe."  I had a deep understanding of the world, about life, and about love.  There were a lot of cars outside and it was dangerous to cross streets.  Don't go to public areas when you are shrooming if you are not a responsible, careful person.  It can be pretty dangerous.  I remember concluding that the world works because people do things to benefit themselves or their significant other.  We walked to a bar to ask for the directions to a convenience store.  I was careful in remembering how to get back to the apartment and we walked for about 1 hour without finding the store (maybe it was less, I had no sense of time).  I thought of Shakespeare, I thought of philosophy, I thought of love, and I kept thinking that I fully understood everything.  I felt smarter because I connected with past poets, philosophers, and thinkers.  I also felt responsible for my gf because she was really high and it would be dangerous if I let myself go.

We got back to the apartment and time no longer had a meaning.  Nothing had a meaning except for my thoughts but the world made perfect sense.  I also wanted to feel connected to reality so I called some more friends and I was looking at my iPhone and realized that technology was just a way for humans to make things easier to live.  And people do it to make themselves better by becoming rich.  I started to think about this forum again and thought of all the posts and realized that I was experiencing the same things as all these people.  Then because of this, I had thoughts of telepathy.  I kept thinking about things, but they were all fleeting memories, as if I kept waking up from a dream.  My gf and I were on the floor in the living room and I remember pulling off her pants so half her ass was showing.  I laughed and took pictures and she didn't do anything about it.  I talked to her after and she said she was paralyzed and couldn't move.

About 4-5 hours in, my two friend emerged from the bedroom saying they were coming down.  My gf and I were still tripping.  One of my friends came out and asked me why my gf' is half naked in his living room.  He said he knows he's coming down from the stuff because he saw half of my gf's naked ass in the living room and actually realized that this isn't "normal."   My gf finally got up and dragged me into the bathroom.  We made out for a little bit but I didn't feel comfortable in the bathroom.  Then she literally dragged me into the bedroom and we were about to have sex but we still couldn't focus.  My thought pattern would be something like this:  Yay sex, this is fun, yay sex, wait my pants are still on, yay sex, I wonder if she's still on her period, oh wait my pants are still on, wait, what am i doing again?  Anyways, I was fingering her and I felt something in her and I asked if she still had her tampon in and she said no.  Then I asked what this thing was... so she reached in and pulled out her tampon with a loud moan, and FLUNG her used tampon across the room!  This will be a permanent  memory in my lifetime that I will never forget.  I was completely shocked at what happened.  This was my friend's bedroom and it was our first time in their apartment!  Anyways, it was hard for me to get hard... I really couldn't focus on sex and it didn't really matter to me.  After we came out of the bedroom, I felt myself coming down too and after talking about our experiences a little we left and smoked some weed.  By the way, smoking weed is a really great way to cope with coming down from shrooms. 

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