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Shot into Outer Space and Back

Me, My Dad, Mushrooms, and the Brazos River...

This is gonna be difficult, but here goes. I finally got to harvest my Thai mushrooms and I had let them dry over damp-rid for about a week. My dad is 60 and he has done EVERYTHING (except crack or ice or any needles). I mean, this guy has done enough drugs to put us all to shame. And he has done them all over the world. Now, he only smokes bud and has the occassional drink. In the past, I had drank and toked with my dad. I even got him trashed on liquid codine and grey goose vodka, but thats another story. I had always wanted to trip with my dad, but he always said he was too old. Finally, after my harvest, I got him to agree to go camping with me in Dinosaur Valley in Glen Rose, TX and eat some mushrooms. We got there late and just toked, ate, and slept the first night. The next day we went all over exploring and looking at fosillized dinosaur footprints. What a trip that was! Footprints tens of millions of years old. Well this night was the night. We scouted out a great spot in the canyon of the Brazos River earlier that day. We decided to dose right around sunset, so we could watch the sun go down tripping. I gave my dad 4 grams and I ate 7. I wanted this to be the experince of a lifetime. I had never eaten that much, but I wasn't at all worried. Bugs and mosquitos had been bothering us all day, it was a bitch. But after we started tripping, not 1 bug bothered me the rest of the night. Not so much as a gnat, wich makes you wonder: Do shrooms=Bug repellant?? Anyway, about 10 minutes after ingestion, these things started hitting us...HARD! The trees were talking and I was back with the dinosaurs 65 million years in the past. I didnt see any dinosaurs, but it looked just like some Jurrasic Park shit. We started on our solo journies. I soared in the sky and felt so connected with the universe it was unreal. I had been incredibly fucked on shrooms before, but I was starting to move on from level 4 to level 5. I had never been there before, but I was excited and ready. We started our fire because it was getting dark and a little cold. Fire is AWESOME shrooming. The coals look like flowing lava. The water in the river was barely moving, it looked like glass. But the sound was so overwhelming. It sounded like raging rapids. Violent water crashing against rocks and churning strong. Yet the river barley flowed. After a couple hours of inner reflection and solo journies, my dad and I came together and shared a solo journey. Up till this point, I could'nt imagine getting any higher. I was sooo fucking wrong. I choose not to share most of what my dad and I experienced because it was very personal and spiritual. Our connection can never be explained to anybody that was not present. He kept looking down off the log he was sitting on, which was about 6 inches off the ground and he kept saying "Wow. That's a long way down if I fall". I was fuckin hysterical because he was so damn serious. We discovered our spirit animals and our places in the universe. He is a gypsy and I am a shaman. But the shit kept getting more and more intense. I would think I was peaking and there was no way to get any higher, but I kept getting fucking higher! Then something happened that cannot be explained by any rational reasoning. I FELT my spirit gathering inside me. From the tips of my toes, it accumulted and rose into my head. Then, I felt a very strong, mind blowing sensation. My spirit was leaving my body through what felt light my forehead and nasal region. I was stupified. The wind picked up out of nowhere and carried me into the stars. Then my body stayed but my mind and my spirit visited everyone that was close to me. I saw my unborn baby in her mother's tummy hours away back in Dallas. I saw my mom, my sister, and my closest freinds. When I eventually came back I asked my dad what he felt and he swears the exact thing happened to him. By this point, we were on our last log in the fire and we didnt think we would last much longer. My dad had recently lost a lofe long friend to cancer and we started talking about him. The wind had been dead for along time, and this last log was now mostly ember and NO flame. The minute we started talking about Bob, his firend, the wind picked up and light the fire that had only been glowing ember for probably an hour. Bob was there to visit us. We lit a joint off the log and smoked it in his honor. As soon as the joint was gone, the wind picked up and the fire went out, and so did the wind. We had just been visited by Bob. The rest of our journey is very personal, and I have shared it with nobody, and I never will. This trip lasted 7 hours. I'm talking 7 hours straight tripping on shrooms! I didn't think it was possible. I have left out so many details from that night that have slipped my mind for the time being, but I will realize I left them outr later. Remember how I said my dad had tried almost every drug known to man? I mean he smoked opium in Vietnam and shit, but he said these mushrooms were the most intense high he has ever experinced. PERIOD. That made me proud. We could never have experinced this if it wasn't for the help of everyone here at the Shroomery. Much thanks to everyone who helped me with my first grow.



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