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One Hell of A Night

This trip happened awhile ago, about 3 weeks after the attack on the world trade center, so my memories are a bit hazy.

This trip happened awhile ago, about 3 weeks after the
attack on the world trade center, so my memories are a bit
hazy. It all happened one warm august night shortly after i
had spent 50 bucks on an eighth of potent shrooms. I had
never tripped before so i thought eating a whole eighth
might be a little heavy. Instead i took half of the baggie,
stashed the leftovers behind my house, and walked over to
the park with my friend bob. I had offered him the rest but
he refused because of his upcoming piss test. Sitting on
the swings of the little park bob told me he was happy that
i would be tripping so i could shut up about what it would
like. I looked over at him in horror as the shadow of the
swing's chain split his face in half. On half appeared
normal but the other had about six duplicates right next to
each other. I smiled as i realized that i was finally
tripping. The street lights glow passing through the trees
looked so trippy. Every little leaf stood out in thier 3D
glory. As I looked up into the sky, the clouds all appeared
to be large pixels, like an old school atari game. Bob
suggested that i should go home and eat the rest so my
first trip would be more intense. Seeing his logic i
embarked on a journey back towards my house. Bob was
getting pissed at me because every couple steps i would
stop and gaze at the new world unfolding before my eyes. I
told him to fuck off because i had just spent 50 bucks to
see weird shit, and god dammit i was going to enjoy it. Bob
replied by punching the air right in front of my face. I
almost shit myself. At that time i could have sworn a big
white bird dive bombed my face and i thought about how
lucky i was that it narrowly missed me. Bob was laughing
his ass of and in my altered mind, that only gave relivancy
to my thoughts of what had just transpired. I was shaken
but somehow managed to muster the courage to continue on.
Once again staring in awe at every little thing i passed, i
noticed a really big tree in one of my friends yards. The
tree top caught my attention and filled my whole vison. The
world's horizion changed and there i was walking up in the
tree tops. Thinking of how cool the world would look from
this altitude, looked down and was really disapointed that
i never left the ground. It took a drink from my half
gallon bottle of tea and bob started laughing again. I was
scared to ask but did any way. Bob told me that while i
went to take a leak over at the park, he stuck his dick in
my tea. I felt really fucking sick and wanted to vomit. I
threw the bottle at him and screamed,"Bob you fucking
asshole!" This only made him laugh harder(because he never
did do that, at least thats what he told me later.) I was
pissed and didnt say anything to him till i got home. Went
around back, picked up my shrooms, and proceded to finish
off my bag. I couldnt belive all the shit that people
talked about how bad shrooms tasted when in reality they
werent nearly as horrible. I took a stale star burst out of
my pocket and it broke into pieces as i bit into it. The
pieces were hard and as i chewed them up i thought one of
my teeth broke. In panic, i tried in vain to run my tounge
across my teeth to make sure they were still there. It
didnt work because my mouth felt absolutely huge. Defeated,
i reasoned that i had lost a tooth, sat down on the picnic
table and started to talk to Bob. Just then my mom popped
out of her window and started yelling at us to be quiet. I
thought i was busted for sure because i started laughing my
ass off seeing my overweight mom bitching halfway out of
her window. Me and bob went around front and lit up
cigarettes. It was then that i started to think about my
mothers recent headaches and decided she was a victim of
antrax. I felt really bad for her. Then i realized that the
flag we had on our door was ripped off and on the ground.
Mental images of towel-headed arabs dressed in black,
running around in my neighborhood snactching flags off of
innocent peoples' doors. That thought scared me and i shook
it out of my head. I started telling Bob about this
retarded dude i work with and how he thought i had called
him 'the dumbest mother fucker i had every seen in my life'
which wasnt true. Gary(the retarded dude)had said he wanted
to fight me because of this. As i told Bob that i wished
gary had tried to hit me, everything went black. I was at
work in the dishroom kicking Gary's ass. It seemed so
real... Jab... Hook... Another jab and his ass was out
cold... This was my first real halucination and one of the
highlights of that night. My mom asked me to come with her
to pick my sister up from work so i got in the front seat
of the car and we took off. Riding in a car while tripping
is comparable to riding in a spaceship. Shits just moving
so fast its hard to consentrate. I was peaking and the fast
moving visuals were messing with me so i closed my eyes and
went into a deep introspective look at myself. When we got
to the movie theather, sarah wasnt ready yet so we waited.
All of a sudden, the exit doors of the movie theather
opened and hundreds of people were around our car parked
right by the door. It was dark out so i figured it was
really late. What the hell are these hoodlums doing walking
the street at this hour? i wondered pretty freaked out by
the sight. Thats about all i remember of the trip. That
night i made mushrooms my favorite drug right then and
there. It's pretty hard to convey in words all the crazy
shit i saw, but if you suffered through it thank you for
reading about my first trip.

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