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the spider on halo, and a trip to hell and back

i did acid alone

first of all, im just gonna say this now, im a christian, so i am religous already, without tripping lol. well, this acid was stale, 3 months since i had bought it, i was waiting for a good night when i wouldnt have to worry bout being busted. our family was about to take a holiday to florida for a week, so everyone else was in bed early that night... i did the acid at 10, thinking it would kick in around 12... i started tripping within half an hour of it being on my tongue, it was still on it (typically u leave it on for an hour, for those not familiar with acid) well i learned the hard way that stale acid is harsher than non-stale acid... wats worse is i was alone. big big big mistake. so anyways since it was kicking in already, i grabbed my ipod and put on music i knew was gonna be trippy (bennie benassi, to name but one artist) waiting for 12:00am to come around when i knew my dad would be asleep,  i was really paranoid about going on the comp while i was high as everything seemed louder to me. so i lay down as tho i was asleep with the music on. it felt like HOURS before it finally came around, lol. then i got up and played halo 1 on the pc (didnt want the tv light to be noticed, as the comp light cant be seen under the door, the tv one can) since i knew already wat acid does to ur reflexes. well, lag is the trippiest thing in the world. shit was really laggy, since i was joining the big 16 man servers, i didnt even think about how trippy the lag would be. it was so bad i would punch a guy in the back like 3 times, he would just be standing there, in moments that felt like i was ultimate and the game was slowed down. then, the game would unfreeze, and the guy would be turned around and like 20m away and magically pull out a sniper and get a headshot. there were moments where a guy would spawn w/ a shotgun, which isnt supposed to happen, lol... and then of course i would die. there were moments where my guy would move slower, but seemed to be floating, and the whole hud dissapeared, even the aiming reticle and everything was frozen, then it would and ppl would be totally somewhere else... the whole time i still had my ipod going, and it was really good timing when in da club by 50 cent came on, which gave me an adrenaline rush. anyways, im an aracnaphobic, and this one player came on whos username was spider... he was really good and i kept seeing spider killed so and so... i started freaking out a little lol and trying to get away, so i left the server... 2 mins later the same guy came on to the server i was on, so i decided to try and kill it. that was funny. then i started to get the munchies a little, so i grabbed a bag of chips i had. they hadnt tasted as amazing as they had the first time i did acid, and i was starting to freak out a little, so i drank a bottle of orange juice to sober up... not thinking about the last time i tripped that it was when i tried to sober up that i really started freaking out. well, i grabbed my ipod and started listening and lay down trying to fall asleep, enjoying the pretty colour changes coming from my comp monitor, even tho it wasnt really making any, but it seemed like it was changing colors just to entertain me and the whole room would turn that colour. all of a sudden, the room went red, then more of it, then more of it. the room was engulfed in red, and i imediately thought of hell, and all the light seemed to be coming from behind (below) me, and i was scared to death to turn around, and i thought it was the gates of hell and the devil was trying to take my soul.

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