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My First LSD Trip

an experience worth repeating

I am writing this report two days after my trip so ill try to remember what happened as best as possible. 

It was wednesday when i decided that i wanted to trip acid foe the first time. My plan was to take it at the Dark Star Orchestra concert that friday on halloween. I also picked up an eighth of hydro chronic. 

On friday my boy dropped off the eighth and the two tabs of acid at my house. So i went to the concert that night and smoked a fat  joint or two during the first set. During the set break i decided to take both the  tabs of acid at once. It was about 9:00PM. At the concert i dint really feel anythiing different. I just felt like i was extra super high for smoking twoo joints. At about 11:00pm nothing was happening and i startedd  getting pissed that because maybe the acid was fake. So the rest of the concert was kinda gay. 

After the concert i went back to my friends house and started watching TV in his living room. His parents went to sleep so we went in his basement and smoked the rest of the eighth, which brought on the acid a shit load.. we went back to his room and played video games. At about 1:00am i started to look at the oriental rug in his bedroom. The spindals and spirals in the carpet were waving back and forwarth. Also the wall paper started breathing..

This continued for about three hours. At about 4:00am i reached the peak of my trip and lost my grasp on reality. My friend told me that i was rolling on the ground in the fetal position for like an hour and half straight.

In the morning when the LSD had worn off, at first i was disappointed with the trip. This was mainly because it took like four hours for my trip to come on and i didnt feel anything at the concert. But overall the trip was good because i could still function around cops and parents. The mild halucinations also make me want to take more the next time i trip which wiill be soon i hope... 

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