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first time tripping on acid

also the first time i did drugs, apart from drinking.

Well, there you have it, first drug I ever had and the trip of a lifetime. i was with a buddy, who did 3 hits and was babysitting me lol. well, we were at his house, and if his dad knew he'd b pissed. well anyways, his cousin was also there, same story (was from his dad's side, his mom's the one who got him into drugs but as they had a divorce she wasnt there) anyways, we were stupid and put them on our tongues at like 8 p.m. well, massive tripping out, and guess wat? 10 pm rolls around and his dad walks in!!! the hits were kicking in around 9, and by 10 i was fucked, strangely tho, as soon as his dad walks in, BOOM im back and prefectly normal, i stop triping, but as soon as he walks out, WOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUOOOOONG, lol. it felt and sounded like slow mode of the matrix or something seriously. his dad went to bed about then, but his cousin stayed up late. anyways, we were trying to play halo 3... something went fucked up and we couldnt fix it, we customed a game, but the whole night, it fucked up and some invulnerability was on... i know it was the game and not us because 2 ppl dont have the same trip, and we werent tripping THAT harshly... yet, lol. anyways, so we r running around trying to kill each other, and just screwing around and shit, so we decided to switch over to halo 2. Lockout, the trippiest level EVER... no exceptions. its this snowy level, with a really trippy blue lift, and all the walls and ground is a trippy blue collourder rock material, and its up in a rock face amoung the clouds... not when ur tripping, thats wat the lvl is like normal. now, the 2 of us arent exactly noobs at halo, so u can take the boosted reflexes acid gives it to u, and give it to 2 guys that r really good, and pit them against each other on a trippy level. we had no shields, no radar, and only pistols... i dont think we even had grenades, but there r a lot of things i dont remember caus i was fucked up lol, this is from comparison between our trips, the similarites were reality we figured, or close to it. anyways, i got a headshot across the map. we werent screen peeking, but i had seen him going by this one spot, and somehow i reflexively shot just as he jumped and before his jump even picked it said i had killed him. no scope, not a sniper but a pistol, across map, we were like "holy crap, too bad halo 2 doesnt have reply". seriously, it was mostly like i had meant to, but didnt realize i was doing it, it was pure instinct w/o screenpeaking... it was really cool. anyways, his room is green painted, like the stereotypical green from all the stoner movies. that colour was just taking over my vision and making everything have green added to its normal colour. then it was like someone took the remote to my vision and slowly slid green away and added blue, or red or something, just fucking around and mixing colours, but it was fading between them, even the walls were changing colours, lol. oh oh oh the best part, THE BEST PART, was when i understood einsteins theory on multiple universes and realities and posisble endings. acid takes away total concept of time, u loose total track of it. wat feels like 30 mins is actually 5 if u look at a clock, its horribl to b waiting for a certain time to come. on top of that, his room has a mirror on the wall over the tv and on the wall opposite it behind us, giving that elevator feeling of a mirror going on and on and on. i looked into it, because my friend forgot to warn me not to look in a mirror. it started out where my face started distorting. then, everything else started distorting, and REALLY turned into slow mode, and REALLY sounded like it... my friend making noises intentionally just for me such as cutting off a word or sentence and randomly going woooouuuuooonnng on purpose (he told me afterwards) didnt help, lol. it felt like i would go through all the million universes in a matter of seconds, then snap back to reality for a moment. later, we went out to a store, he had sobered up and had a fruit cup (vitamin C) i tried having one, took just a little lick and puked. i felt like i was starting to sober up but still had moments, so we left and i waited behind a closed tim hortons, in the drive thru, waiting for him to come back w/ some orange juice, a big bag of my favourite chips ms vickies salt and vinegar, and my favourite jones soda, blue bubble gum. it seemed like forever before he came back out w/ them. when he finally did, i went thru the orange juice so fast, i just wanted to sober up. it helped some but i was still trippin off and on. well, the jones blue bubble gum tasted amazing. the chips tasted 'blue' it was unreal, unlike anything i had ever tasted, and then when i puked samething... i almost WANTED to puke, it was the most amazing taste ever. it was funny because some woman was walking down the pathway, in a town where everyone is a druggy, and sees us walking, then suddenly "RAAAALPH" we were walking towards her and her towards us down a pathway and about 5 meters away, i just puked... right under a light. as we walked by her, we could see her smile, mockingly, out of our perifs... it was pretty funny. we got back, tried to watch i think it was red planet or something, it was on tv id seen it before, something to do w/ algae on mars and the ppl could breath w/ their oxygen and one of the robots they r using has gone rogue... it had the same actor as trinity from the matrix, sitting there in a headset, in a similar looking setting, so i thought i was watching the matrix, and i swear it had the matrix green coding falling in the background behind her, lol. well it was just fucking me up and i was trying to sober, so we shut it off. my friend was bored so he did another 3 hits again, lol. i sobered up after a bit finally, and we started playing... wat did we play now, i forget. but he picked up a rock, he was totally high, and it was this weird rock w/ blue swirls painted on it. i had no trouble imagining wat he was going thru lol, after that night. later, i smoked my first dooby, we split it, i didnt feel like smoking a whole one myself.

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