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subway, eat fresh.


allright..ok,,,,,im at school, a nice hot sunny day...i only have first period and the rest of the classes all day are spares...my friends all like oo i have funny plants to eat,,,i say word. this was my 3rd time, and first real major expierience...anyway, we go get a sub, put the mushrooms in the shit, and munch away, he slipped som extra once in, i dont know the exact amount i consumed...after the sandwhich, we smoked a bowl, we sat on the grass talking with people, then they kicked in, i had my hood up and i was hiding my face just watching people, i didnt want to talk, some guy was messing around and i saw him kick my friends head in....that didnt really happen...then the grass, and the road, and the school were all different parts and they started floating about like flat seperate objects, i saw thousands of black floaty things all around me dropping on me....then i got up, walked thru the halls and looked for my backpack, i lost it, thats all i could think about....i dwelled on it the whole way home, i walked...that took a while, i got home, happy to be there, i called my mom at work for no reason and felt dumb, then i thought id talk on icq.
i sat here at this fuckin box for like 10 minutes moving the mouse around and i had opend icq several times, i decided i couldent operate this type of machinery while high...i sat on my couch examining my self...tried tv, quit that, then i got cramps in my stomach, and went to my bed...i layed there for proably an hour moaning in pain, my dad came home and was stepping to beat of the song i was playing, i wanted to tell him what happend, but i snuck into the bathroom for a bath, i knew my pupils were huge...i had a bath and i couldent feel the temperature of the water, i splashed around for a while until my dad left...
then got out, i was real fuckin happy that i was "home" again and back to normal...

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