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Trippin at home on shrooms, got up to an acid high

ya, i was stupid enough to do an eighth by myself

well, i had some aspects of all the first 3 stages, and i didnt have some of the ones described... all i know is, i was NOT at level 4. anyways, as was said, I did a whole eighth by myself, alone at home. big mistake, lol. see, how it happened was i was at a level one, and decided to have more. got to lvl 2, still wanted more, so i sat down (thank goodness i didnt eat the whole ounce i had, lol) and began eating. i hadnt thought i had a full mushroom even, but i had one of those shroom moments where u dont realize wat ur doing (and someone else would have totally known i was high from the way i was curled up into a ball on the ground, sitting, and eating away lol) well it was good for a while, but it started getting out of hand. i know how to trip, and boy was i tripping... wat i did was i played benny bennasi as well as a wide variety of techno artists, which from acid trips i knew would work, and put up a slide show of patter pictures i had gotten online the night before... and then i watch bridge to terabithia, a disney movie, for the first time... thinking i would trip from all the magical creatures and colours. before it even got to that part i knew i was fucked from the way everyone's face was distorting... badly. i made the mistake of looking in the mirror, which is the point where i went into level 4. to know what its like to look in a mirror on acid OR shrooms, heres a digitally created one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdZfiwdZWxo perfect depicion of it. take that, and apply it to everyones face, but not quite so drastically, and u have my trip... or wat i saw on the movie. on top of that, take the walls, and bend each one a funky different way, some towards me, some upwards, bend the floor WAAAAY up towards urself, and be totally thrown off balance from that, as well as a, as in the description of this lvl 'river in grains of wood." i still had full ego, and a full sense of reality, and had no spiritual experience (i have from acid, but thats another story... 2, one at the gates of hell, one where einstein actually made sense to me)

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