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the cat, the mushroom, and the guitar man

the best night ever. please read.

Hey everybody my name is Ross. Im about to tell you of a trip i had off of 7 grams. the day was 10/27/08

ok so the story begins with me sitting in my padio bar table. im watching the world series and because i live in tampa im a rays fan. well its about 60 degrees and thats cold as hell to me. well im out there watching the game waiting for my dad to go to sleep so i can eat the shrooms. also im talking to the nicest guys in the message boards. i was origionally intending to eat 3.5 grams and save the rest for anotother trip. well i was convinced into all 7 by a few guys and mostly from my friend kyle who ate a gram earlier. so anyways the weather at the game is too bad and the decide to postpone the game. my dad tells me to go to bed and then he goes to bed himself. i wait untill 11 PM to eat them. once it turns 11 I take out my bag and start to eat them. I somewhat enjoy the taste of shrooms usually but instead these where horrible. so i took a bite and then took a bite of a rice krispy treat to go with it. after a few minutes i was done and drank some gatorade. i also took a vitamin c pill and that was good tasting. so im waiting around for them to kick in so im watching family guy and talking to kyle on AIM. now is when the fun starts.

    Im talking to kyle on how i ate them and that im somehow completely relaxed. so he took that as a "time to send you some cazy trippy pics and nudie pics." so once he finished with those i noticed that the black text started to shit to greenish purple. so i told him that was goin on and he took it as a "let me change my text color to rainbow" so im just looking at this freaking out on how beautiful it is. well anyways he tells me hes going to bed and so i decide to venture into my room and await more visuals. i turn out my light and turn on my blacklight which filled the room and made it seem more like a crazy light theme. so im on my computer telling the guys on the message board that i dont know how long i am gonna be able to last.

Now i look around my walls and everything is looking just different. all the neon lights i have started to wave and jiggle. so i get up and just feel amazing. i go to my blacklight and i look at my hands under it. my hands where so warm under its heat. i saw my veigns moving and flowing back and fourth.

well i decide to pull out a poster i have of a big mushroom with bugs crawling on it and at the top it says " eat me " so i just look at this laughing at first at the title. thats when i noticed that there was a picture of a grasshopper at the top of the big shroom. i look into his eyes and they are red and he looks just so peaceful. i ask him, "why are you on top of that shroom?" i get no responce but i knew i was getting none. the time now is 11:45. i get up at decide to put my guitar outside so i can play it with no interuptions. as im coming back inside i take off my shoes and notice my cat is laying down near by. this is a big part of this trip. so i travel into my room to listen to some music. as i get in my room i notice that my cat has been following me. he jumps up on my bed and starts walking around on it. i start to pet him and my jaw drops by how amazing he feels. so i move my head closer to get a look at his face. he sticks his face right in mine and i see his head just streach forward and back. then i drop to my knees and look at him. the lighting made him look like royalty. so i start to bow for him. then he comes and sniffs my head as if to tell me its ok.

     I feel like going back outside, but first i want to feel the night air. i take off my jacket in a ritualistic way. i place it on the ground and smell it. then i feel it and place it aside. i do the same with my jeans, then with my socks. i take off my undershir last. as i place it on the ground i look at the lines in it. i see a cat shape. so i straighten it out. then i start to swirl my fingers around it and i watch as it starts to fold and swirl and i just watch the patterns. i get up and run out to my backyard. i have all the lights set to dim. once im out there i feel like im in a hawian paradice. i pick up my gibson les paul i named Rose. I pick her up and just start to play. i can just feel the music flowing out of me. i start to sing epic songs just off the top of my head. then i  played some familiar songs i know. i played limelight, tom sawyer, comfortably numb, and yyz.  i put down my guitar and turn to go inside to explore. also i should add that everytime i wasent playing music i would have my phone playing me a list of pink floyd, the doors, rush, jefferson airplane, hendrix, zepplin, and a few other songs i chose to be my songs for the night. so before im inside i got out my voice recorder and would record my thoughs on what outside was like. it was 59 degrees and all i had on was boxers but i felt warm, but i was shivering and cold too. my cat buster is following me the whole time im in and outside somehow.

so i get into my kitchen and turn the lights on and look into the wook grain thats everywhere. then i turn them back off and decide that light isint what im gonna want this time. so i go back to my room for who knows why. i get there and i realize i havent talked to the guys on the message board for a few hours, ( it was really like 15 mabey 20 minutes) so i get back on and read the posts. i get my attention drawn to a one that says somthing along the lines of " this poor kid is probly trippin too hard to use his computer" so i respond to this by tellin him that im doin fine and trippin really hard. he comes back with " wow! hes able to talk clearly!" hahahaha. i loved that. so anyways i told them later i was done with my computer for  the night once i saw somthing that said go explore nature or somthing. so i get a big idea to go sneak out and visit my friends. but first im goin to the bathroom.

i get in my bathroom and i have the lights off and im listening to another brick in the wall. the music sounds so wonderful i almost start to cry. i look into the mirror and hope i like what i see. i see myself but... it just wasent me. so i got closer and looked into my eyes and saw how big my pupils where so i just laughed and turned the light on to see what it was like then. i did and i was supprised to see almost no change. i looked into my veigns and it started to flow. then i turn it back off because i like the darkness for some reason. i use my toliet and get dressed warm again for my trip to kyles house. i hop the fence and start to walk. im playing songs that are just so awesome. all the trees along the way just seemed like huge green shrooms that are  guiding me. he lives about 20 houses away so i go to see him first. i pick up my guitar and phone and im off. on the way i call him once i can see his house. i get no awnser so i keep walking. i look back at my phone, it was just drawing my attention. i look and my background is my cat buster, right then i decided that my cat is either a god or my guide for this trip. and he was. i know he was. i get outside my friend ryans house who lives next to kyle. i see his car parked there and rember to myself all the good times i had with him. he was also the guy who first told my about shrooms so i would do just about anything this man says. so i touch his car and i look to his house and just smile.

I make my way to kyles window and start to play a song deticated to him. then I start to knock on his window a little bit. his dog scamp wakes up and startes barking like crazy so i move to the side getting a bit scared. kyle dosent get up so i decide ill go to mikels house. he lives about a 15 or 20 minute walk from my house. so i start to walk there on this great journy. i call him and get his voice mail. i start to leave a message. i was so serious talking and decided to record a song on his voicemail so he can remember. as im walking the lights just get so bight . i think its a cops headlights so i get a bit scared and i give him the last words of " mike... remember this always!"

im walking up the road and i see tons of halloweed decorations set up all down this unlit street. i turn around and see my friend zacks house and quick run over there and sing him a song too.
then im right back on my way to see mike. i pass by this one bush that draws me right to it. I pick a leaf and im on my way. i walk up the street playing my guitar and i look and see a shadow near the bush that looks like a man playing a guitar. so i sing him a song too. thats when i realize that I am the guitar man. i continue to mikes  how just looking at the mushroom trees guiding me. i cant believe what im seeing. every shadow on the way there transformed into my cat. he kept telling me thati have to avoid the drawing blackness. so im walking and wondering whats going on with that.i make my way past a park thats at the 4/5 mark to his house. i look at this tree and get drawn to it again. except the leaves where folded together and i line. i gabed a few and plucked it off.

I came up to a street that had a fork in the road. i see a tree in the midde and it is staring at me telling me to decide. i can stood there for what seemd  like hours. i look at the street sign and it said " secret " i was so puzzled on what the secret could have been. i looked to the left between a house and a fence and saw an endless darkness. i was so curious but remembered my cat and started to run away twards mikes house which is just beyond the split in the road. i take the left road and stop in the middle of the bend. i look at the tree overtop and i start spinning. im listening to the song riders on the storm and im spinning so much. i look forward and stop spinning. i start to wobble and i start laughing and how fun spinning is. I run to mikes backyard. i have to go around part of a small lake to get there and i look at the trees in the distance near mikes house. they look like mountains so i stop and stare a while.

I get to mikes window and start to knock but i get no answer. so i play him a song and start back home. I decide to take a short through ryans backyard. so im going thru this guys backyard which has a lake there. Now im gonna explain another quick story to explain why i was so scared.

So me and kyle where smoking some weed and we need to go to his house so we can get a bong cause we where out of papers. so get out of the woods near this guys house and we can either walk 10 minutes or jump kyles fence and be there in 3. so we go thru his backyard high as hell. the guy who lives there comes outside and starts to flip out on us so we run and get on top of kyles fence. i look and kyle starts to wobble so i do too and fall over tearing up my body and land in his bush. he jumps over and we run inside his house. we start laughing our asses off at me falling. so ya that guys not too friendly.

well anyways back to the trip. i get to his backyard and all of his lights go on so i run to the far side of the lake almost in tears again and just sit there. i realize they where motion sensor lights and keep goin to ryans backyard. i realize i need to go a thru a thick forest vine thing. i start my way thru it listening to shine on you crazy diamond. as im going thru i start to see the leaves as mulitcolored shrooms. i pick on up and put it in my pocket knowing it wasent a shroom but a leaf. so i jump into ryans backyard and run up the the fence to get back onto my street. i jump by next to his window and sing him a song. also he has a plant with red flowers there so i pick up another flower. i run back to my house come inside and take my clothes off. it seemed like i was gone for a few days on that adventure. I get into bed with my computer and start to respond to more posts and try to make a trip report 4 hours into my trip. ya it diddnt work to well lol.  well i get a strong urge to draw so i do. i draw what represents the guitar man. aka me. i draw the 2 eyes. one eye has its pupil how i did in the dark, the other in the light. then i had veins and other patterns. then i drew a cat on the middle of my face to represent my cat god. then i drew my body holding the guitar. i folded it up and put it in my backpack to show my friends the next day. then I layed in bed listening to music with my eyes closed untill i fell asleep.


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