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My 5th trip

..the puddle was moving like if it was boiling, it was forming letters and signs and for all i know that thing was alive..

some background information if you don't mind:

20 yr old, 142 lb, 5'8, sophomore in college, major in political science; only done weed, shrooms 4 times, and coke 3 (last time because they gave it to me for free, i don't do coke nor i plan to)

Got the mushrooms from a friend from work, i wasn't going to trip for a while since my last trip (2 weeks ago - level 2) because i was broke and she sells them 60 an eight; however, this time she offered me a deal of two eights for 60, a deal of course i couldn't let go. I talked to another friend from work who i've been meaning to trip with for a while, and when i told him about the deal he accepted with no hesitation. Now he's never tripped on shrooms before, but he's drug background experience is wider than mine; it includes cocaine, weed, and crack (which he told me he had only done it once), so i figured he was going to be just fine. He's a good guy and i respect him because he's one of the few people at work that i really trust. The third tripper was going to be my cousin. He's tripped 2 times before and both times i was there with him, good guy as well.

We decided to trip on a friday morning at like about 9:30 in the woods near Arnold's house (Arnold is my friend from work). It was going to be 2 eights in between us three. We all had to work at 4:00pm that night but we figured that by the time we go to work the effect of the shrooms would already be gone.

Finally the day came and at 9:30 we met at Arnold's house. We ate the shrooms and proceed to go to the woods (Arnold was driving). We first went to a 7 eleven to get some orange juice. The lady at the counter said that for every bottle of orange juice we buy we get a donut each. Great we thought and proceeded to grab our donuts. However, when we were about to pay for the orange juice the lady realized that it was for every 3 bottles of juice that you get only 1 donut, but since we had already grabbed the donuts she said it was cool and we just left. In our way to the woods (which was like 5 minutes away) i mentioned that i thought that the lady who sold us the juice looked like she was high on crack. We laughed at this very hard because she did look like she was fucked up, great lady.

We finally arrived at the woods and we were all already a little high (mind you it's been 20 minutes and the mushrooms were going to kick in any minute). I noticed this because we were still laughing at the lady from seven 11. Then my friend Arnold mentioned that this feeling was kind of when you get high on weed and i laughed because i knew what was coming. We started walking and the insanity grew on us progressively. My cousin stopped at a puddle of mud and just stayed there looking at it. When we noticed this we went back to him and ask him what was going on and he said "shh shh, look!", we looked and couple of second later the puddle was moving like if it was boiling, it was forming letters and signs and for all i know that thing was alive. Holy shit i thought and Arnold has never seen anything like it so he was even more mesmerized.

At this point its been like 40 min and i thought  "i saw the puddle of mud, the mushrooms did their job". We kept on walking for another 10 minutes but it was getting too cold so we decided to go back to the car. I thought the car was the opposite way and as I was about to lead my friends to the car my cousin said "dude, is this way" facing the other way around, he was right so i said "good job" and we almost fell to the floor in uncontrollable laughter. We started running towards the car and this was probably one of the highest moments of exctasy of the trip (it felt so real and so unreal at the same time). We noticed several deer feces all over the park; my friends said that the poop looked like faces of people and I said that it looked like brains and we all laughed at this like lunatics, we laughed and laughed like there was no end to it.

So we stayed in the car after about one hour to the trip and we just felt so safe and so warm inside. Inside the car we revealed what we were experiencing and tried our best to put it into words. Everytime one of us was talking the other one would just laugh for no reason but we understood that were not laughing at each other but that we just couldn't control when to laugh. Arnold helped me realize this and I thank him for that. Then we just all stayed quiet and that's when i saw several lights of colors throughout the whole park. My most wonderful hallucination was when i saw a giant pyramid reflected on the trees. This pyramid was breathing and it had several eyes on it like the eyes of a fish, or eyes that looked like pea-cock feathers. I've seen this image before somewhere but i just don't know where and quite frankly have no idea how to look for it on the internet, oh well.

We stayed in the car for about another hour. Then a majestic deer with big beautiful horns appeared in front of us (the deer was real ok) and we were stunned by this. The deer was beautiful and it represented nature (to me at least). I got out of the car and tried to get a closer look, not too close of course because i was tripping and didn't want to get hurt, it was amazing. Then we finally decided to leave because we had to work in about 3 hours and although still high we needed to get ready for work and sober up. We came back to Arnold's house and ask him if he was going to be ok once we leave, he said he was going to be just fine and to not worry about anything. We thanked each other for sharing such a magical experience with one another, we now shared something very special, nice guy.

We got to my cousin's crib where there was nobody and still had 3 hours left before we had to go to work. We were happy and we were glad; this trip had been 95% positive and 5% confusing and awkward so we rated it the best trip we've ever had. At his house we ate, watched TV, talked, relaxed and it just couldn't get any better, we made it and that's what we wanted to do.

I consider this trip a 3 level trip, very nice trip. This was my first time trippin in nature and i loved it.

Much respect and love, keep on trippin shroomheads!

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