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cool things happen with an eighth

Everything alway's happens at mason's

Just to get it out of the way, My name is Jamie; This was my first time on shrooms and it was the greatest experience I've had so far on any drug.

    Me, Alex, Giuseppe and Troy had planned out to do shrooms on October 4th 2008.  It was a Saturday and we felt it was a great night to do them. So I was talking with Troy when Jeffer called me up to smoke a blunt of the hydro that we always have. So i accepted and me and Troy drove to Jeffer's. He rolled the blunt and then we went out to his spot. Now it was me, Troy, Jeffer and Chris.
    We were getting the shrooms from Roger and Alex, so it was all from good people. When we were out there smoking a blunt though, I had told them I had to leave because I had already made plans to do this at a certain time. Chris started to argue with me about it, saying it's disrespectful to walk out on a blunt and shit. It definitely is disrespectful but only if you don't tell them before hand. We had said specifically before hand that we had to go because we were doing shrooms at this time.
    Then he started to make me think about it and Jeffer stood up for me. He said to not say things like that because it will make her think and thinking before tripping about bad trips will give you a bad trip. So me and Troy left to go get Alex.
    Troy ended up not wanting to take them and Giuseppe didn't have the money to do it , so it was just me and Alex. We each bought an eighth.
    Finally we got to Mason's at about 11 ish. We went to go and talk to James before we tripped because he doesn't like drugs all too much so we figured it would be better before hand. We didn't tell him about it either. lol We went back into Joe's room and ate them at 11:30pm.
    Mason usually has a bunch of people there, so it was me, Mason, Alex, Troy, Giuseppe, JB, Joe, and Chelsea. We had just eaten them and were in the middle of telling Troy that we ate them five minutes ago when James walked in. This is kinda how it went:

Me & Alex (to Troy) : Yea we just (in walks James) ate them 5 minutes ago.
James: Alright well I'll See you guys later (walks out immediately)

    We were just chilling, me and Alex were sitting on Mason's bed while Joe rolled a blunt. Giuseppe had taken 3 Percs and drank a beer, which is so bad. He turned to me and Alex and was like "I feel like you guys right now." But we weren't tripping yet. We smoked the blunt (I believe it was Widow-Berry in a Green Game...awesome) and then at about midnight the Shrooms kicked in. Right before the trip started, Giuseppe had to go home, so he got up, told us to enjoy the trip and left all sorts of fucked up lol
   We were just sitting on the bed when the trip started. We were watching South Park and things were funnier than usual. Then I looked around the room and it looked like the room was a melting painting. Like The walls and colors were all mixing together and as it went down it was black behind it. Then i remembered I was tripping and looked at Alex and we both just started laughing. Then we adventured outside. The outside I think was the best. We walked out into his huge back yard and just started crazy tripping. I looked up at the sky and saw that it was cloudy. It was upsetting because I wanted to see the stars. As soon as I thought that, the clouds disappeared right before my eyes and it was a starry night!
    We called up Roger to tell him about it and the only thing I remember saying to him was  "Oh man! I control Mother nature!" He just laughed a lot because both of us were tripping really hard. We played out there for a while and then went back inside.
    Apparently Chelsea had left so in the room was Troy, Mason, JB, and Joe. We walked in and continued watching some South park and everything in the room was crazy! It got loud and then silent a couple times and his ceiling looked like the roof of a cave, with all the stalagtites and shit hanging from it. Then we moved back outside with Troy this time. They both walked out into the yard but my night vision hadn't come yet, so it was all black to me. I was standing by the door and back light and the darkness looked like a giant bear or something coming to get me. So I calmed down after a bit and was able to go out in the yard because I had defeated the bear somehow. We played out in the yard for a while; a tree started telling me hilarious jokes in sign language, which I got Alex to watch and laugh with me about. The sky was bright, vivid rainbows too
    Then Troy went back inside and me and Alex grabbed chairs and sat on the upper deck. Just watching the trees and sky was entertaining. The sky was not just rainbow anymore, but it was rippling many colors. Every single leaf on the trees were different shapes, everything from diamonds to rhombuses to trapezoids and hexagons...it was crazy. Then the bigger leaves started to turn into dancing watermelon wedges, it was crazy! It all felt like we were sitting there for like 10 minutes but according to Troy, who check on us at one point to make sure we were both okay, told us we were watching the trees for 2 hours, which makes sense because we walked into the house at  2:30am.
    At 3am some of our friends that work over nights have a break, so Troy took us to go see them while we were tripping out. We got there and just started going crazy. We were fighting each other, staring at the sky and just laughing. I Couldn't stand still, I had to be moving, I had SO much energy!!!

    After we went back to Mason's. The drive back, Troy pulled 100mph on 109 and it was just so exhilarating that I couldn't help but laugh and that made Alex laugh. When we got back, Alex went inside but I wanted to look at outside still. So I was standing in the back and thought it would be awesome for Alex to still see this. So I ran to Mason's door and pulled the door open to get Alex, just as he pulled to other door open to get me. We Froze, looked at each other, screamed, then he ran to the couch and cracked up while i just collapsed in the hallway. Everyone was so confused, but they were also really stoned (we apparently missed 4 blunts in the 2 hours we were outside) and they laughed as well.
    Alex and i went back out into the yard where the sky was still rippling colors and it was all so overwhelming. We watched everything for a bit more then went to go back inside. We met up with Douglas just as he was walking in. He said hey and we were like 'DOUGLAS!' He was like, 'what?' and we told him we were tripping and he just laughed. so we went inside, turned the black light Sublime poster on, rolled another blunt (JB and Cassidy had left, it was like 4am at this point) and we played some games. The trip was just coming to an end then. We smoked 2 more blunts and then Troy drove us home at about 6am 
Needless to say, the trip was awesome!
The next day I woke up with a super Shroom headache and had to work 7 hours on 5 hours of sleep, worst ever but the trip made it so worth it =)

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