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DMT, first time

first time, beautifull

Hello all i've been reading alot on shroomery and thought i'd post my own tripreport :D

My name is Plimu and this is my report

What: N-N DMT 50 mg
How: Steal pipe, iron mesh > molten DMT > ignition with normal lighter
Music: Shpongle - DMT (halucinogen remix)    

The question I asked DMT was: Please let me have an soft experience, because i am quite scared.

I felt a slowly upcoming fear as I held the pipe.
What would happen if I'd do this? I ask myself, but I remembered how great my first Ayahuasca experience had been, so I did it.

The flame was hot and the smoke heavy but I kept inhaling the fumes.
My body started reacting within seconds, as my fingers began to shake, then I felt a weird stone'ish feeling come up.
The room was sucked empty from all its air as I began to die.
The oncoming rush blew me up as I was propelled with an weird force, and a world began to appear.
The visuals were too beautifull to be true, as a purple clowd began to melt before me.
I could not believe what was happening as I heard weird noises.
I said: ''no aliens please stay away'' because the experience was really overwhelming.
I opened my eyes as the trip began to melt away, the room looked as if I where under water and green liquids that could not be mixed with water, where floating around.
I closed my eyes again and I saw a red snake apear, this is a snake without an body that I can see ever since I where a child.
It was beautifull, and the rush fell away, I was led down to the world again, and finally back into the room.
I opened my eyes and said thank you. :love:

this was my first time i smoked DMT,  this is also my first post overall

i hope to have an good time on this forum

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