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From Norm to Spun


Ok! I've never written a trip report, well this was my first (mushroom) trip ever. Im a 16 yr old female from Canada. The reason I wanted to try shroomz was because I've done acid and loved the trips, so I figured why the fuck not try shroomz. So I talked to my bud Al about getting sum shroomz, and she's like "ya there's a shit load in town right now... we should do them together". So Im like right on. SO I gave her my money thinking 2 grams is a good amount for the first time, but she ended up getting 7 grams
for both of us. (I really wish I would have read up on how much shroomz to take!). Well so we each chewed 3.5 grams each and bout a $30 bag of weed. As I've said I have done cid, so I thought I could handle that amount of shroomz. The shroomz were niiice and blue!
So about 45 minutes later I felt restless as fuck, I just needed to walk or I was gonna go insane. So me and Al took off. This is where I relized why shroom users love lights. Just walking down the street tripped me out. Lights were illuminated as fuck. I began seeing small circles forming within the lights. I began to visualize trails of lights (car headlights) lasting at least 50 feet. I couldn't believe it! Soon after I felt like an astronaught on the moon, I litterally felt as If gravity on earth was like the moon. It was incredible. I can still picture it.
We soon stopped at a friend's house (he lived in an upstairs apartment). Man the stairs were "waving" as if it were solid water waves. Hesitant at first I slowly (laughing hard) walked up the stairs- with difficulty because I soon felt like I was riding the stairs as they made the wave motion. Al (a pro- shroom user had a nice laugh watching me get up those damn stairs. My trip was killer inside the house with the trippy wallpaper. All I remember inside was watching that damn wall paper flutter back and forth. After an hour we headed to my friend Josh's because she had to go home. I was to spend the night with Josh- the non shroom user! Josh stayed up with me for a half an hour before he got tired, and went to bed. At first everything was fucking awesome. The furniture was all comming towards me and for some reason just made me break out in histarics. That did not last long. With me tripping out and my body now swerving outta distortion, I soon felt very hot, and felt as if I couldn't brethe. I cracked open the window but it only made my mind trip. I could see "AIR" literally be sucked out the window. I began to blink because I knew I was tripping mass, but that did not work. I began breathin heavily because I thought I wasn't breathing and totally tripped myself out. Although I knew I had eaten shrooms I was scared as fuck. The air still pouring out the cranked open window. I slowly (seemed like minutes) found my way into the bright, tiled bathroom. This became what I called my neutral zone. Don't ask! I could only breathe when I was in here! But after a while of being in the bathroom I found myself tripping out on the tiles. The trip was no longer fun, but scary. Everything and anything began moving. I basically lost my sense of reality, and my sense of relaxation. I was in a panic and couldn't talk myself down. I just wanted the trip to be over. I ended up waking up Josh because I became so scared I thought I was dying. My arm somehow felt like death. I can not explain this feeling!! Josh talked me down and I went to bed. I almost ended up calling my mom (who I wasn't living with) and telling her to take me to the hospital...!!
Oh man Im glad I didn't! Haha!! I can laugh about this now but at the time man, i was almost in tears.
And I'm going to do shroomz again (tonight) but this time Im only doing 1 gram, until I can handle them! Thanx for reading :) HaVe A gOoD tRiP!!! Manz

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