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Reading a Book on Salvia

So I decided to try reading....

A trip report I wrote some years back when I was stupid and young. :)

  This being my last fifth and salvia experience I was planning for a while, I wanted to try something a little more fun and different from the introspective trips I had taken so seriously before. I would try to read. :) I was in a pretty good mood, nothing stressing me out much. A little apprehensive as my friend wanted to film my reaction this time. His reason being that my last reaction was 'priceless.' Honestly, I was a little embarrassed by what he described last time I tripped hard, and I had no control, or recollection for that matter! over what I was doing in my 'physical sense.' But in the mood of good humor this trip, I submitted.

     We pulled out a nice big book, as though I would get past three sentences... and I prepared the bowl with 100 mg of salvia 21x (about a twelfth of my vial), and begin with the intro 'Storing nuclear waste is one of the most controversial issues clouding the use of nuclear power. Today, well examine how they store nuclear waste safely. But first, a hit of our salvia.' I lit the bowl, release the stream of water from my gravity bong, and let rip one BIG hit of salvia!

    I successfully read about two sentences before I stumbled. English, my fist and best language, morphed into nothing more than esoteric markings on a white panel. I had no idea what I was looking at, almost like a foreign language! I was quickly and violently returned to the same realm I have always seen during salvia trips. A world were reality is seen through a window in my 'alternate reality' of which I float in. The visual hallucinations are something other than the gentle waving or shimmering seen with mushrooms. Salvia doesn't actually alter vision, it convinces the mind so strongly that WHAT we see is something OTEHR than what is seen. I felt not like I was looking at a book, but at an image of a book totally disconnected from another reality. It's much like looking at an object in a TV, but being aware it's not in the room you're in, and therefore fake. Umm, too hard to explain.  I become part of this huge infinite dimension with an infinite power and purpose. Everything was throbbing, and I heard the chanting. Oh, the chanting! I seem to understand it every time I trip, but it is merely a memory after I recover. This 'reality' or landscape makes perfect sense at the time. This dimension along with the chanting feel hauntingly familiar, almost as if that's were we all originated there, or actually exist there, but are blinded of it by our physical realm. Truly and AMAZING sensation! However, I refrained from trying to communicate to my friend. It's hopeless. I'd feel compelled to casually explain something to my friend, only to realize that it makes NO SENSE WHAT SO EVER! and it would end up coming out as something like 'Whoa, I can see the dimensional lapses of the possibilities of entities we could be personified into, forever having it's own path into an alternate reality...' Obviously, a failed attempt.

      To say the least, it's shocking to watch the video of my trip. I remembered nothing of my physical actions after reading the line 'standing thirty feet ba..back...uhmmmm..ehhh'. I was rocking back and fourth, then out came the most haunting laugh I had ever heard to date. MY LAUGH! It was really deep and almost sounded demonic! I vaguely remember feeling a light sensation in my vocal cords, but was totally not expecting such a change in my voice. Salvia must relax the vocal muscles or something! Then, I fell back, laughing like a baby in a seventeen-year-old's body, for the next four minutes. Then, I was swatting at the camera claiming that 'there was no reason to film me if I was acting perfectly normal'. I wasn't, at least, not by standards of the reality I'm in now.

      My friend made sure I was able to reason and act safely, and I told him to give me a while alone. He left, and I collapsed on the floor next to my bed. I just lied there, feeling this beautiful trance. I felt as though I was in this paradise as depicted in the music by Enya. I was able to day-dream, and actually had the sensation that I was in my memories and thoughts. Suddenly, I just sorta 'awoke' thirty minutes later feeling more or less back to normal.

    I made myself some chai, and thought how privileged I was. I have a great best fried, a wonderful family, and the intelligence to never really worry about succeeding school. I felt uplifted for some while afterward, and even today, I have learned to appreciate some loves I had taken for granted in life.

        Be safe, be balanced, and be in good humor. Peace.

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