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My First Time


I was really excited to try shrooms. Me and my buddies smoked a lot, but wanted something new. I called a friend and grabbed a half eighth. The only questions now were where to do them and with who. After some research off this site, I decided I was going to do it alone. MY chance of when and where arose when I realized I'd have the house to myself Friday. That day, I woke up early, around 7:45. After a quick shower, I sat down at the breakfast table. The only thing I ate was the shrooms, nothing else cause I wasn't hungry. They didn't taste too bad, just a little dry and crunchy. I started feeling them almost immeadately. Dots of color crossed my field of vision and i felt dizzy and nauseous. So i went to lay in my bed for about a half hour. But just as I thought I was having a bad trip, things took a turn for the better. I kept a positve mindstate, and became exuberant. The wall I was looking at grew, and sort of looked like it was breathing. Around this time, I statred laughing out loud for about a half hour, for no good reason, but i kept thinking of showers, for some reason. As i was thinking of showers, I layed down on the carpeted floor, which felt like thick, comfy grass. I looked at my dresser, which turned yellow and green and vibrated.  After that, I called a few friends to talk and just layed in the tub with no water on. The showerhead turned into a mouth and started saying "hello, what's your name?" to me. After leaving the bathroom and laughing for around 20 minutes, i played some madden. after that, i just stared at the well, which grew spots and glowed, and just chilled. Then came the trippiest part of my expierence. I went up to my upstairs bathroom, and stared in the mirrror for about 45 minutes. I saw my face as Jesus's for a second, and then just thought about all of my life and the universe. I became calm and felt at peace with the world, and talked to myself about life. I also talked to people on the computer. My trip ended at around 2:35. But i still feel it now, how much it changed me emotionally for the better. I definetly wanna do shrooms again soon.

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