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On the edge of a sink

What's it like to be alice

This all took place a couple of weeks ago in a hole in the wall apartment. Heading home with 2 eigths in my pocket I was all but unfortunate. One eight was for me and one was for my girlfriend, this would be he first time. I sat down in my chair with a bright led examining the mushrooms, cracker dry wierd smell definitely freshly dried. I was all but excited thinking it would be like all my past trips, weak and uneventful.
A Thursday night, I was anxious and impatient. 6:30 rolls around and the sun was setting. I decided to eat mine. Soaked in lime mixed with honey and traced with vodka I began slurping down the staled textured stem and caps. An hour goes by and I feel a little giddy with slight hazes around the lights and moon. My girlfriend decided to take her dose which was the whole eighth YIKES! I was misinformed on the potency of the mushrooms.
7:30 is here and my nausea is getting worse, so I decided to venture into my back yard to smoke a bowl of weed and smoke on my hooka. I quickly got bored with that and moved into my room where the TV stereo and computer is. I hopped on my computer in search of some music. I came across a song by london elektricity. This song is about 6 minutes long and and has a jazzy undertone. The song peaked and so did my trip, I felt ill and lost touch with all my senses instantly, my girlfreind began telling me she didnt feel well. This was completely unexpected, I was her guide yet I couldnt get my head back in time to fend her bad trip off along with mine. I turned off the music and turned on the tv and announced I would need to use the bathroom. I stumbled my way into the bathroom.
I then began to violently vomit over and over and the amount seemed unreal which it was. I realized I had vomit all over my chest, I needed to clean up quick I didnt want the world I was about to enter to see me in this condition. I began to run the tub and strip my clothes from my body and got in. I blew my nose onto my hand to find pieces of some caps all over them. I laughed and starred at the water spout. My trip started to get more intense, I was noticing the walls extending and getting smaller along with the breathing effect. I began feeling like alice was described to feel when she had ventured after the white rabbit. I let my mind continue with this sudden apparitional thought and began thinking there will be cards busting in my bathroom any minute. But then suddenly nausea followed by more vomiting. I than began to question of my preperation for the trip. Was fasting a good idea? Was the vodka a good choice for a tracer? what the hell is that sound coming from within the walls, could it possibly be a species of man as small as a mouse gathering wood for his family? A moment of clarity and this moment was short, I began to tell my self you are her guide go check on her. I toweled myself off after vomiting and entered the room to find myself gone again,Why the hell did I come back into this sensory overload of a room. The fan blowing the air conditioner howling the tv blah blahing and yes, my girlfriend repeating how she wants to go to the hospital and its too intense she's hearing voices and not existing. I told her to be cool and that this is normal. She wont die and began making jokes regarding turtles on rollerskates hoola hooping through marshmellows. She hated me for the little things I said but it kept her from spinning out of control looking for the sharpest object to end her life with. I layed down on the floor near my door, I could feel the cool breeze of suctioned air happening. My girlfriend making sounds as if she is feeling physical pain I told her to calm down that she could think of harry potter (which she enjoys which i dont) I tried to send her trip into a story like I usually do and see if her energy towards a bad would change for the good. It didnt. My trip began to intensify once again, I quickly turned off all stimuli so there was no noise no visual stimulation at all. I layed back down and starred at the pitch black cieling noticing the blue and red opened eye cobweb patterns. I looked across the room to find out  it was now the size of a banquet hall reaching my arm out trying to have something to compare the size to. Then once again aevere nausea, although this time I used a bucket and only vomited very little, after about a half an hour of this vomitting phase I reached space, clarity a free floating being. I felt as if I were jesus himself walking on water. I felt a need to wrap my blanket around me in a roman robe fashion. I stood for a while walking around my what seemed to be large room with my TV back on. I walked over to my girfriend and began conforting her. Free thoughts like shooting stars zoomed in and out of my mind and what I seeked I found. My trip came to an end but I still felt light and fluffy for the following day. My girfriends trip ended an hour after mine completing a total of 5 hours. I congradulated her on her first trip, She was still frightened by the experience. I assured her a lower dose next time will have much better results.
This would be my first intense mushroom experience. I am quite used to acid which is my prefered drug and this trip was in camparison to some trips ive had on acid.

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