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First Time Report!

first timer, I did an eigth alone in my room !!!!! CRAZY

ok, so about maybe 6-7 months ago, i did shrooms i thought it would be my last but.. i plan on doing it again soon.  
it was fun.. but omfg crazy as hell at same time, i will start it off :  so my good friend had a good connection to if i recall correctly was Liberty caps, so i bought an Eight.. he was telling me to eat only half of them.. but it seems i have a high tolerance to just about every substance i use.. usually i have to double what ppl recomend me... i was dread wrong.. so he says "eat half man, you will trip crazyness" so i am thinking *i will eat All eight and then i will feel ok*. after eating all the baggie.. about 1 1/2 hours later i was frying pretty damn hard.. so i decided to log onto Myspace and chat will people.. lol i wound up sending my cousin a message filled with jibberish.. LOL , my Dr. Pepper on the desk was breathing.. then Suddenly a Plant grew out of my desk, blossomed then shot back into the desk, after that my fingers grew small flowers and returned into my hand.. and my keyboard was moving around like how a Ocean crashes on the beach then recedes back.. my keyboard did that.. then suddenally things turned bad.. i was at first having a blast.. but i kinda like i will say, i left my body.. i dont know.. what happend all i remember is, one minute i was on my computer giggin.. then what could have been 1minute later or 2-4 hours i don't know.. but what i do know is i suddenly came kinda.. came back to my body.. i found myself walking in circles repeatedly asking "Do i smoke weed? who is God? Do i smoke weed? who is god?"  i did this for what could have been 1mintue or 30.. i dont know.. but i did it alot.. lol then some how.. my Tv turned on, i dont remember doing it, but it turned on and Malcom in the Middle was on *gay show* funny thing is every1 in show was yelling and when they yelld their faces turned red and smoke came out their ears + horns grew.. and the background in the tv was going from Blue. to Yellow, to Purple etc etc..

now the worst was about to happen... i finally decided to go to bed.. i later woke up, with  a gnarly stomach ache, and i literally thought i was in a Different dimension.. and in the dimension i thought i was God.. and since i felt so sick i thought "Hey since i am in a diff dimension + i am god.. i will just kill my self to see what it is like, then i will instintly wake up in the REAL Dimension fine as ever" i almost got up n did then, but thne i sobered for a split second, and said "Hell no thats crazy stupid you are Frying balls RBZ your still in the Real dimension"

plus i thought my arm was over my head so i decided to move it.. but it turns out my arm was resting by my side.. and it felt as if my leg was over my other one.. and it was uncomfortable so i tried moving it also.. but it turns out i just had it resting in a upward position.. to were my knee was pointing straight up.. it was rather spooky since my contacts were out.. so my vision was screwed.. so when i tried moving a limb it was in different spot to what i thought it was.. it tripped me out big time..

other then  the crazed dimension suicidal thoughts, it was a blast.. but i learned my lesson to never fry solo.. i bet if a buddy or a few were around it'd have been lots of fun.

ps. that is the short version.. alot ALOT more crazy ass things happend.. i just tried to keep it somewhat short.

i hope you enjoy your next 'Fry' :D  in my oppinion, do it with REAL close friends.. ones you trust completely.. if you do that, i bet you'll have a fckin blast!!1

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