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My First Time Felt Like My Last.

drowning in a bathtub

well it all started with me buying one 8th and then another 1, so i had 2 all together... my friend who took em before told me they were not really strong so thats why i went and bought more. even though i never tried em before. actually i never did anything but smoke some weed.

So one day me and my boyfriend were at my house when my parents were gone for the weekend and we decided to finally eat them.

We split it in half so we ate the same amount, but after 30 mins it was noticeable that it hit me much more. He's much bigger then me  so i think thats why i was so much more fucked up then him.  We took them at about 6 o'clock at night and did not stop tripping until 4 am. So we took them and went to watch some really retarded movie about some pothead but it was so funny i was laughing the whole time for no reason. Then in like an hour my stomach was really hurting me and i wanted to throw up the whole time. So while i was watching the move everything started floating in my eyes and the walls were greena and purple and blue it was crazy. The movie was making me dizzy so we turned it off. I walked around and i felt like i was not comfortable at all. My boyfriend went downstairs to talk on da phone and smoke. I didnt wanna smoke no weed while tripping. And i thought that would be it....wow i was so wrong...

I was laying in the room with 9 bright lights turned on and i was just starring at them for like an hour or so, they looked so beautiful i was seeing the most crazyest designes and colors. Then my boyfriend came back and he was way too energetic for me he was running around talking too loud at least in my head and i was getting mad every time he would touch me.  So i left him and went upstairs and then the next 2 hours felt like they will never end. I was sweating moving around under cover and i was closing my eyes i wanted it to stop but the more i was trying to stop the harder i would trip. when i would open my eyes everything was melting and floating, then i would close my eyes and i was in a different world and i didnt even know where i was for few moments. I looked at the time and it was 8....then was just looking at everything thinking thats it tis will never end im going to dye. i was keep on thinking about dying at that moment i was telling my self if i live im never doing this again. Then i got up walked to the bathroom got undreesed got in da shower and stood there under hot water by my self for i dont know how long it felt so good i did not want to leave or upen my eyes. then i got scared for some reason so i got out and i was so freezing i was running by the mirror and i seen my self i was melting in my own eyes i looked bigger and smaller short and tall....i really thought thats it they will find me 2moro and im gonna b stuck in a mental hospital for the rest of my life...

i ran to the bed got under covers while being completely wet i didnt even realize that my hair was completely wet i was still trying to keep in dry. i layed there and the time stopped it wasent mooving at all. i was laying in a bright lime green room and i couldent believe wat i was seeing. my boyfriend came upstairs running around and talking it was driving me nuts. he was seating next to me and said that i looked crazy my eyes were twiching and going in circles and they were blue all around and i was just smiling like never before. but when he would touch me or talk to me there was no reaction at all. then he said something and all of the suppen i got up ran back to the bathroom layed in a bathtub with no water and just didnt move. so he turned on hot water and filled up the bath while i was just laying there out of it. he got in da water too and he had to hold me from going under water. the hot water felt amazing and i didnt wanna leave at that point i felt like i was having a terrible trip. i had no energy to move or do anything. he would ask me questions and i would not be able to answer them at all.  he was grabbing me but i had no reaction. he said i looked dead and he thought i was. my eyes were just going in circles. i wouldent leave so he had to carry me to bed. i was there for about an hour maybe a little more just tripping by my self....i thought this is the end it will never stop.....i was looking at his face and seeing 4 eyes instead of 2....he did not look like him self.  i was keep on saying im gonna dye and thats all i would say.

then i got better and i was still tripping hard but it was not a bad trip any more. everythign felt great and i wanted to move the walls were melting and i loved it. so then we had the most wounderful sex for 6 hours and everything was so different i though i was in a different world.  it was GREAT. never tryed anything better. i would choose this over E at any time.

then i smoked and i started feeling it again a little more... i went outside and just staired at the stars and they were moving and falling and i never thought i could feel this way...

and then i went to sleep so then i woke up the next mornign and though wow i gotta do that again sometime soon. :)

By the way the next morning when i woke up i did not believe my own eyes, the whole house was a mass...in those 6 hours of u know lol....we made a complete mass.....mattress was on the floor in stead of bed. Chairs were fliped over...the bathroom was flooded...everything that was on the table was now on the floor.....

yeah i had 4 hours of cleaning to do......but it was worth it..

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