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Is This Heaven? Or Maybe Hell?

An attempt to explain my mind (On Acid)

It was about 12:45 when I recieved a phone call from a friend after caddying at the golf course while I was happily walking away with a $30 tip. I immediatley knew he had something to say that I was surely going to like by the tone of his voice, and of course the first thing he says is, "Wanna buy some acid ?" I was thrilled at this point because I've previously tried to get some before and failed to trip on it but he assures me this shit will get me going (an old friend of his from California was in town along with a trafficking amount of some white fluff comparables). So I give him a call about a half an hour later and he and a couple kids stroll over to my house with a backpack. I take them up to my room and hand him the money, he pulls a sheet cuts a square off but while he is holding it with his hands. So I curiously point out that he shouldnt be touching it, and it turns out that he thought I wanted some mescaline! So I was so glad that I pointed that out, otherwise I might have just tripped my mind stupid. After we get the situation handled and they leave my house I start thinking of where I could go for the night to have a good time, so I give my good friend a call and he's cool with chillin so I ride my skateboard over to his house for a night I'd never forget.

When I first got there I figured I'd get a little tipsy first and did (Couldnt smoke because of probation). I felt like skating so we attempted to go but as soon as we got around the first block my friend tried a simple trick and landed on his toe wrong and broke it (But this would later turn my mind around while tripping , mentioned later in article). So instead of skating we play some video games and I got bored after a while so his roommate and I went down the street to a school to skate this bank where he decides to smoke and I decide to drop. After skating a little while my friend back at his house met a group of my other friends at the back of the school (we were in the front) and this is when I feel the take off starting. While skating along the side walk all of my peripheral vision would so ellegantly blend together and trail away as if taking comlete control of my mind while I was somehow still able to contol it ( Very hard to describe but If you've tripped you might know what I mean) and it was very enjoyable and I mentally was completely focused and could maintain my composure. About 45 minutes after meeting them them I was unable to control what my peripherals were encountering and it was getting dark and stars were appearing, then disappearing, then moving around each other and getting brighter, closer, and then fading away back into the depths of the universe and then they started to come closer and closer until it felt like my conscience would be brushing or intercepting their lines of flight and totaly understanding their way of existence. And I know it sounds like total bullshit to someone who has never tripped before but I think tripping acid is just your mind at its most creative and basicly filtering out the common scence of sobriety and letting what your mind wants to happen come true. Then everybody wanted to go to Lion's Choice to eat and I figured it might be fun so I went along coasting comletely care free of life on my skateboard and my god was it the most entertaining thing to do, for every part of my body connected with my skateboard and eventually I became the skateboard unable to feel anything like as if I were as inanimate as it is and life was just so precious and meaningful now and nothing could make me happy, sad , or angry or anything I was just in the most neutral state of mind like a river consistently flowing down stream towards it's every destination where it will never reach because once it makes it to the ocean it find itself a new course to travel but it is doing this all at once but I know exactly why without even trying and then like water does I would avoid every obstacle I overcome by being as s elemental as water is...but why....I just cant truly know why.....maybe when I find some water to drink it will be inside of me then I be as close as I possibly can be to it....... wait I just realized I am 75% water.....Is that why im thinking like this.....WHAT IS ALLOWING ME TO HAVE FEELINGS ABOUT ANYTHING......WHY AM YELLING AT MY CONSCEINCE......BECUASE.....because?.....whats that supposed to mean?......I know everything without even knowing how I do......but I can't linger on these thoughts, for I may be stuck here for a long eternity.....speaking of eternity what is the true meaning of time.....why can't I move around time.....well maybe if i try hard enough I can.....(now Im going in a downward spiral of a continuous mind fuck and thinking about every possible thing that automaticly comes to mind without even knowing it and its starting freak me out....maybe it will stop if just let go and die in my own mind..... just maybe). Then all of a sudden I dont even know how we got to lions choice and it's like 3/4 of a mile away but It seems like thoughts have pushed me to what I want which is food now, for my body is numb and careless it just does what my mind tells it to do without me having a say in anything at all in my mind, my mind is acid now and it will be until I die or if i can somehow go to sleep, but no my mind thinks otherwise it wants to torture me. I order the food and try to eat but my beef and cheddar gains its own mind and now its telling me that it once was alive to in the form of an animal.....what are those things called again....oh yea cows.... but the cow had to eat something....so maybe I can now. I take a bite and I feel like im eating a live cow and immediatley spit it of my mouth......but Im so hungry.....just make this living hell stop.....please....please....I tell my friends I have to get out this place and wander around but my good friend has a broken toe and wants to stay still..... were like complete opposites now......but opposites attract......is that why were best friends?.....yea it only makes so much scense now.....maybe I can stay here im feeling a little better now. But they agree to go and this makes me feel ten thousand times better. Now we are walking by a park and I here the most lovely sounds.....yea I know what that is its a guitar.....and a bass.....synchronized together so beautifully.....maybe they'll make me happy. It turns out to be to other good friends I know jammin in the late hours of the night smoking their ciggarettes.....maybe they give me one....that would be nice right now. I sit down by them, they are total hippies and I let them know Im freaking out and Im a huge music fan so they assure me this next tune will give me the best of vibes for the rest of my trip. And the music totally turned me into the happiest person on the face of the universe....while he strums the guitar with a ciggarette in hand, and the trails of it's previous position are there all at once, the most spectacular motion trails ive ever seen. Now everything is starting to get chill as fuck and these two guys totally turned my mind into heaven with their music, and the rest of night I feel like nothing can get to me now and it was just the most awesome thing Ive ever experienced my life, and I totally encourage trying LSD whenever you feel like your ready definately give it a shot it may just be a rite of passage like it was for me.

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