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Lack of words.


So...its a little hard to think still.  

Due to lack of unavailability I decided to grow some mushies.  So I last monday i did a potency sampler and ate 2 fresh mushies weighing about 9 grams, i had a great time and was left wanting more.

So i had about 20 grams wet left from my first flush, it dried for a few days under a fan.  so dose was about 2 grams i thought sould be fine right?  Wrong, i underestimated the potency of abhorts  and prolly half my dose was abhorts.

So i decided to trip because i had nothing better to do, a decision i almost regret. 

I start munching down very slowly,  a shroom every 20min or so till i had finished em.   I was already tripping  like maybe a nice level 1/2 peak by the time i finished eating them.  after eating it felt as if a chunk of dry mushy was stuck in my throat, i could not get this feeling to go away.

The first thing  noticed getting intense was the body buzz. I felt a bad trip coming on, feeling of imminent doom and extreme uncertainty .    still having some ego i try to laugh it off watching Tenacious D.  But the laugh felt forced.  By now the little shimmering and color intensinty has exploded into everything being warped with a foggyness.  This was quite ok, i was just when i  
was watching kyle Gass Shrink and jack black Get ginormous and vice versa with a different color background every time i looked back at it.

So i could barely move and time would seem stuck with only the tv moving around me till i forced a movement.  tenacious D is  Great movie but was playing my heartstrings and making me feel not well.

about an hour after finishing dose at this point i still have that feeling of omething stuck in my throat.  this is the biggest of my troubles because the wierdest feeling was the inside of my mouth. needless to say i must of looked like a tweaker with a stiff jaw.

I decided to move because my chair was pushing too hard against my back.   Huge wave of nausea as i stand  up,  i maintain my balance and my stomach holds out.  Eventually when feeling a little sick and spinning like i was Hammered i decided to close my eyes. This came as a relieve as id found a way to escape, but then i realized that meant I wanted it over and that made things worse.

My family was home, i managed to avoid them quite nicely, but as i was sitting there rubbing my face with my eye closed i realized how it would look from someone elses point of view.

Becoming nervous about being discovered and feeling quite Burnt out  i make my way into bed, somehow thinking to grab a bucket incase.  This is where my memory gets hazy, but ill tell you i do rember compled closed eye visuals thought racing SOO fast and "bouncing of the inside of my head breaking into a million other thoughts"   I couldnt hear mysef think over myself tthinking.

Ended up emerging from my room about 4 hours after last ingestion , and watched "Into The Wild" for the first time.  

Mind blowing experience...remember be carefull with your abhorts haha 

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