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First trippers 4 guys 14g

2 years later and im still confused

It all began 2 years ago to this month, a 17 yr old kid who was curious about life, death and creation. After spending months of googling articles related to creation God, the afterlife and theories of science i was left off where i began....... with a question that cannot be answered how did all this begin?

It was around this time of my life that i began listening to Pink Floyd, which didn't help my situation much lol considering they do more potent stuff than shrooms. So having all this curiosity i found this site shroomery.org, and that was when my life changed. I read pretty much every trip report in every category, and i decided that i wanted to trip out myself and poke my head down that rabbit whole we've all been down.

My first task was to find the shrooms, and being as i live in Canada its not to hard to come by any natural drugs like chronic or zoomz. BTW Canada has boom weed, i don't care wat anyone else has to say we have great fuckin weed. So for some reason i bought a lot of shrooms i bought a half O which is 14g. I then had to talk to a few friends and fill them in on the situation and see who wants to join me on my trip. Three of my friends agreed to set up a day and then we would do it, so we planned for the following weekend.

At around 6pm on a friday night, we all meet up at this school near our houses and we drop the shrooms, they were gold caps fuckin shiny as fuck and they looked amazing, compared to the other shrooms i tried later on down the road. So we all ate our fair share leaving some left in the bag probly like 2-3g left in the bag.  After like 30min my other friends who weren't trippin on shrooms were thinkin of places to go and blaze so i started thinkin about how long it had been and i was wondering if i was trippin yet so i asked my friend to check my pupils he said they were huge and i was surprised cause i didn't feel all that high, this is where somethin unfortunate happens.

My friend and i finish off the bag of shrooms so now that means that 4 ppl had finished a Half O me and my one friend chewin the most......... like 4g each probly he may have had 5g......and this was our first time!!!!

So we continued on our journey to find a spot to blaze and we ended up arriving at this forest near my house, where theres this picnic table in the middle of all this tall tall crops like in jurassic park  where the raptors pick off the ppl running in that tall grass .......at least thats what it reminds me of.
This is where we all started feelin it forsure probably a full hour after consumption so we are almost at our peak. Im sitting there on the bench theres like 10 ppl there 3 others trippin on shrooms and like a bunch of ppl blazin and some smokin salvia. This was 2 years ago so im tryin to describe it as best i can but the feeling i had was probably complete and utter bliss, a feeling of complete comfort with my surroundings and environment, i wasn't really thinkin about how high i was i was thinkin more about how calm i was.

Then my friend who had eaten 5g or so turned to me and said "yo man are you feelin it?" im like ya he's like "cause im feelin it A LOT"
To this i said good man good lol or somethin.......i didn't really have much to say to him...... then my other friend arrives who was driving and the last time we saw him was right when we were chewing. He comes to this spot where were trippin and he starts getting upset like "you didn't call me and tell me you were here" i am so fucked at this point and i actually see him crying and ballin his eyes out and im like "yo man don't send me on a bad trip like i can't help what im doin im trippin the fuck out" and to this day he denies crying so basically im the one who's fucked but still he was sober  he shouldn't have gotten upset at us.

Of course shrooms have to bring trippy situations into your life so this is how we changed location.........one guy went off into the forest to take a piss and all of us were still on that picnic table trippin, all of a sudden there is a rustling in the bushes and everyone freaks out thinkin its a cop slowly tryin to come get us, theres branches breakin and its gettin closer WHAT A TRIP.... i think to myself how strange this is, then i turn to see what my friends are thinkin about it, and i realize that im sitting there all alone, just letting this noise get closer.

I quickly react and get up and look to my left to my right, but it all the same shit the same paths leading to diff places, i could not figure out which path i had to take and so i just pushed through these crops and just made my own path and soon found everyone lol.

This was probably a matter of 30min but it felt like an eternity, here i am now having met up with all them but theres still nothin goin on, no one knows what the sound was, until the guy who had went to taken a piss comes and tells us how stupid we all are lol. Now we are trippin fully and don't really have a say with what we do, i remember feelin like so on the level with time and the exact moment in which we were existing. This is where i have my most fond memory of the shroom experience.

Shrooms fuck with you in the sense that they allow you to step back from everything and observe your situation. They let you step out of your body and observe it from a nuetral perspective. This can be good but can also be bad. If your not comfortable with who your are at heart and your trippin on shrooms, you are soon goin to have to face what it is you don't like about yourself.

Basically the next portion of our trip is just us existing because it took us like 2 hours to walk from that forest to this wendys which was literally down the street. For s0o0o0o0o long me and my friend who chewed more than me were wandering the streets and when i mean wandering i mean wandering like a 5 year old kid who's lost his way, we had no sense of direction and no energy to snap out of the trip even for long enough to find our way. We eventually find the place and everyone is eating inside, the lights in this taco bell we were ate were blinding and i remember being too high to eat or go and order.

This is where the shrooms take over 2/4 of the people who chewed them.

The time is now past 9pm so i'd say we were 2 hours into our trip. After we left these food places we went outside and ppl were playin hacky sack!!! and i fuckin love hacky sack i won an award at my high school later that year for hacky sack. I was on shrooms and i could keep it up liek a soccer ball it was amazing, and no one else could because it was too dark.........i say its all about concentration. Suddenly my friend who had eaten more shrooms than me started walkin off toward the direction of his house and my other friend who was on shrooms followed him, so i was left to either stay wit my friends or go and see what the stir was with them. Since it was my idea to do all this i went and followed them.

I caught up to my one friend but my other friend who had eaten like 5g was so far ahead he was like speed walkin home. Me and my friend finally caught up to him but he was flippin out sayin he couldn't handle it anymore he didn't like it he was pissed, and this is like a 6ft 2 guy here not some pussy. So i didn't really want to get him even more angry i kind of just let him work it out with himself, so he told us he was goin home and that was fine by me, but my other friend got really worried because of this.

He started sayin stuff like "if your goin home im coming with you cause i have nowhere to stay and i don't want to go home high" this kind of thing
but my friends mind was made up and he didn't want anyone goin home with him other than his sober friend who was already walkin towards the door. There was some loud yelling and a big confrontation because of all this.

The end result was 1 friend going home 1 friend stayin with me and 1 friend still left at the wendys.
My friend who was with me was tellin me that he wished he never did shrooms, and we were still trippin we were still pretty much at our peak.

10pm halfway through our trip, my friend is TRIPPIN hard and he is getting angry with himself his situation his surroundings and everything, i actually witnessed him punch the concrete ground in frusteration. The shrooms had him and he wanted out, this is probably the worst thing that can happen during a shroom trip. He said that he felt guilty for doin drugs and askin his mom for money for "food" and then using it on drugs, he said he wanted to go home "and hug my mom and tell her everything" i don't kno if i mentioned this but he was crying as well. I tell him that its 10pm and that he's just trippin and i tell him the things i learnt to tell someone who is having a bad trip. I Tell him what time it is and what time he will feel better and i asked hi mwhat he wanted to do, he said walking sounds good. So we walked and walked and found a spot to sit on this curb.

He puts his head in his knees and just cannot deal with the trip, so i sit beside him and i realize that i have a mission to complete, i have to help my friend in need. It was very hard for me to begin this process of healing because i was so high i couldn't even think. I couldn't put full sentences together or anything......i think this is why i had a good trip, because i got too lazy too finish any sentences and too lazy to finish any thoughts, i just completly enjoyed every moment of it. So i finally manage to get some conversation goin and i talked to him for about an hour or more which literally felt like an eternity again, because time is meaningless while ur still high.

He eventually got up and we walked to his house this was about 1130. At his house i looked at my pupils and couldn't believe what i was seeing, 2 huge pupils one larger than the other and thy were switching back and forth as to which one was bigger lol.

We played some halo and watched some family guy and fell asleep, b4 i fell asleep 1 thought crossed my head, its a good thing im feelin sober now cause that was a long trip.

All in all it was a fucked up night, which resulted in 1 friend never doin shrooms again, and surprisingly my friend who i helped out ended up doin the m 3 more times after that and has no regrets to this day. Ive done them 2x since and have no regrets to this day.

Shrooms take over your mind while your trippin, so you cannot think like yourself anymore, for a few hours you have to let this happen, you cannot resist it. The best things ive learnt from shrooms are this: they help you deal with bad situations in everyday life much easier, because you've been in a much more fucked up situation b4. They also help me with my thought process. I no longer grab a negative thought and pursue any further thought process with it, i discard the thought immediatly. When a positive thought comes to my head i grab it and think more n more about it, bringing more n more positive energy into my life. Thanks for reading my story 

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