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shrooms over weed

we were looking for some weed on a friday night but something else came are way

it was a friday night and me and 5 friends were planing on buying a track of blueberry dro from a friend. so we bust out of school [all in 8th grade] and call up the dude. when he finally answers he is in orlando tripping on acid. so were like shit, we go to our back up guy, he was asleep, we go to our other back up guy, he only has 4 grams and his greedy fat ass doesnt want to sell it .
so we decide to call up this girl that is with us brother. he says "well i only have a dub butt i got a half ounce of shrooms". by this time it was already 11 o'clock at night so we meet him at kfc. he gives us a fat sac and we go home later to find out that he was arrested after he left kfc.
so we all spend the night at this kids house, we split the bag and we eat them straight up. after about 30 minutes we started to feel it and then about 1 hour in a commercial for a scary movie comes on and this kid starts freakin out. after that i started to really trip. we turned off the t.v. and i started staring into the t.v. then my friend gos hey and it starteled me. i exhaled and i could see the air that i exhaled it looked like a bright silver wave of energy that spread completly through the room. then i saw the lamp start to breath i then realized that everything was alive. mother earth was trying to take back what was hers and thats why things mold.
then me and my friend snuck out to go retrieve a bowl from a hiding spot. as i ran through the grass i started to sink into it as mother earth took me back into the earth. then i realized the bowl was in my back pack. we went back to the room and climbed inn through the window. then we pulled out the bowl and took a couple resin hits. then me and my friend selby snuck out again and walked all the way up to wallgreens. when i walked in i realized how hard i was tripping [probably a 3] when the bright lights hit me. everything was made of bubbles. sharp corners where smooth and bubbley. me and my friend jacked 8 candy bars and 2 drinks.
then we ate them all and went back home at about 3:30 and climbed through the kids window again. the i listened to music until like 5:30 and then fell asleep

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