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Automated Humid Air and Air Exchanger Tek - ToadStoolFool

Fairly Inexpensive!! -UPDATED-

k im back for an update!

I was given a list of items for a new reptile I got from a friend. on the list was this auto humid air exchanger. my heart jumped for i knew my other pets would need one aswell.


Scope this site out these tropic air humidifiers are cheap!!! with shipping its almost 30 bucks which aint bad considering what a few other sites have to offer. or you can try and make your own tropic air like ive seen in another Humidfication Tek post...idc what ever floats your boat!!! oh and it does not come with an air pump so i suggest you get that first and if you like peace n quiet id suggest getting the tetra whisper air pump. be sure to get the right one for for your size tank. i got a 20 gal pump and it works great for my 30 gal chamber. you can find these at any pet store.



1) i have a 30 gallon terraium with a plexi glass lid to fit almost perfectly on it.

i know many say that plexi glass aint the right material because it doesnt know how to not bend and gets a bit warped bending out or in, but i benifit off of it shit works like a charm for me.

2) next i drilled a hole just a tad bit bigger than the tubing.

i do this because when you attatch the rigid air tub where the humdity escapes from, the size of the tubing itself, of course becomes a tad bit bigger ;) so ull have a snug fit

3) now the tropic air is eeeeasy to assemble, so easy a cave man can do it....nah but once thats done you get your plexi lid and slip the rigid air tube threw

you will find out that you cant put it through while the black rigid air tub plug is attached so take the bishhh off and put it on after you got it in :)

4) now this is the outcome
IMG_2346 by you.
the tropic air comes with sucky cups for the rigid air tube to be stuck on the side of the terrarium, i dont use them i stick it straight in and it simply stands very well

this is another outcome

In Conclusion and Xtras:
the beauty of the tropic air is it maxes out the humidity reading. it only goes up to 99% so im sure its a lil more than that. also my plexi lid on one corner is a lil bigger than the rest so  it keeps a very slight crack which rids my paranoia of over saturating and gives a bit more exchange. which wasnt really a huge delima cause we can simply see if its getting to that point. also i use lava rock which is also is helping with the humidity and temperatures :) i never need to spray it anymore because the tropic air cares for it. also they sell extension outlet timers at petsmart. so if you need specifications on your humidity, temps or what ever i highly suggest it. they have them in 8-12 outlets i believe. pretty cool invention. but anyways im new to the shromery and im glad to be here with yall. i truly hope this helps not just you but your babies aswell. you know the routine..any questions/suggestions/corrections..get at me im more than happy to help you and or you to help me because im still learning ;D pce


p.s. i will be making a FC post sooner or later..

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