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talking trees

Best Bad Trip EVER

This was the second to last time I tripped.

I was at my friend Will's old  house on my (now EX) Boyfriend's 20th Birthday. Will's house was on a dirt road in the middle of BumFucked NOWHERE - nothing but woods and fields for miles. About an hour prior to getting to Will's house, Me, my (ex)boyfriend, my roommate, and two of my friend's from GBurg who were visiting split up a 1/2 oz of shrooms. Since everyone else got to eat an 1/8th, my roommate (who was the one who got the mushrooms) decided to give me ALL of the SPORES and STEMS left on the bottom of the bag. BAD IDEA - if you ever get a chance to eat mushroom dust - DONT DO IT!

about 25 minutes after eating the dust, all of us who had eaten the shrooms were tripping pretty decently. I was sitting on the ground, enjoying watching the few pieces of random grass that were growing in the dirt, dance and stretch like little worms. Suddenly, my ex walks up to me and says "Im gonna puke, but i dont wanna go into the woods by myself". So without hesitation, and a pleasent smile on my face, I get up and follow him into the woods. Also, a BAD IDEA...

As I'm standing there, rubbing his back, something in my mind... snapped. I looked down at the shiny puddle of puke on the ground and lost all touch with reality. The smell then got to me and made me puke. He kept asking me if i was okay, but I couldnt answer. His voice made soun-shockwaves go through the air and my brain, and the more he talked the more my head ached.

I said to him "David... My trip is going sour..." He looked at me with a look of concern I have yet to see on anyone elses face. He helped me feel my way back to my car (yeah, I drove, DUMB) and tried to calm me down. I ended up puking 4 more times, when finally i told my boyfriend that I just wanted to be alone.

After about 20 minutes, I started feeling really drowsy. In my half sleep-state, I started hearing voices - mostly of my mother, who died 7 years before that. She kept telling me that everything was going to be okay, and to just relax and to "let it come to you". To this day I always figured that meant "let death come to you".

When I finally opened my eyes, my friend Dan was shaking me and asking me if I knew where I was.

I Looked to the tree to my left, which proceeded to bend over and tell me i was going to die. I was like that for about 3 more hours, when finally, my friends tooke me home, where i fell asleep and dreamed of crazy shit that still fucks with me to this day...

it was 2 years before i did mushrooms again

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