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Meeting Jesus in Amsterdam


About 6 months ago i went on my first trip to amsterdam with 3 friends, keen to try a few shrooms. After getting checked in to a hostel just beside the train station and getting a nice 4 bed room for the group we went straight to the coffee shop downstairs and got high. After this we decided to look for some shrooms and happily didnt have to look far. We went into the shop and asked the mushy man what would be the best to take since we had never done them before. He then recomended the Mexicans and gave us the correct amount. I found them quite mild but gave us a very chilled out and laughy trip. After we'd come down we were determined that the next day we would get much stronger shrooms and more of them. Bright and early the next day we went in and bought some philosopher's stones which we took in our room. The shrooms hit me first, after about 45 minutes and i started to get extremely chilled out. After about another half an hour of lying on my bed day dreaming i looked to my left where i saw my friend chris lying in his bed which was floating a good 5 feet off the ground. I was getting some pretty strong visuals at this stage with the walls moving like waves etc. My friends culdnt really believe what i was saying until their shrooms kicked in aswell and the day began.after the first wave had passed we rolled up a huge spliff and chris and i sat at our window smoking away just watching the world go by and talking rubbish. we still wanted more of a hit so went back to the shroom shop and asked for stronger ones. this time he gave us some equadorians, and we took them in the room. After about an hour we were lying in the room, with me lying on my bed and chris sitting at the window. the walls of the room were painted white which looked like a devine light. as i followed this devine light around the room they developed into lush green hills and bright blue skies. as i followed these they led to chris sitting at thje window, who appeared to be in a sparkling white robe with long hair, standing on these hills looking down at people. I came to the conclusion that he was Jesus who was preaching to the people below. at this stage i felt so happy to be in this presence and life seemed very simple and straight forward. After tripping in the room for another hour or so we somehow went back to the shroom shop to get more. we bought a box of hawaiins and proceeded to eat through those. after another hour or two so many visions and ideas had gone through my head so quickly i started to feel mentally exhausted and had to go and sit outside on the ground and just watch people go by. By this stage i was pretty fcuked up but had loved every second of getting to that stage.

Flights to Amsterdam - £70
3 nights accodation - 120 euros
living expenses 100 euros

First time tripping on Mushrooms - PRICELESS!!

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