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IMPROVED SHROOM JELLO...extra strong mix.

With creative fun ideas at the end too.

BEST SHROOM JELLO EXTRACT METHOD  This is not some ripping off some one elses ideas...the other guy did good too.  I just feel if people have more updated progressive ideas they should be put up to further our mushroom culture we got going on here.  I commend the maker of the other guide.  We got like minds.  :)

I just made some, fucking tastes dank too.   CHERRY FLAVORED OMG....

1. Get a cheap electric coffee grinder...grind up dried shrooms. Make sure it's like as fine as coke. For BEST extraction.

2. Put the Powder mixed in with a 3 to 1 ratio...the 3 being the water.

3.Let it side covered in ur fridge for 2 days...or how ever long or short you want. Make sure you stir that shit once in a while to really make sure it's potent as can be.  (to make sure it absorbs it all)  

4. DO NOT DO ANY BOILING...some of the Psilly that touches the bottom of the pan touches the major heat...killing about 30 percent of ur shit. My method there is absolutely wasting no chemical.

(People only started boiling shroom teas because of liberty caps growing on turds to get rid of any bad bacteria. Ur still drinking shit, but its sterile...rofl)   Really a waste, plus a bunch of effort you are actually putting in, that is making it weaker.

5.Put it all in a CLEAN BRAND NEW preferably sock..get cheap ones. lol.Won't be able to use em again. Squeeze the fucking hell out of that sock letting ALL THE EXTRACT come out. Get ridiculous here, and go overboard with the squeezing.

6. Make ur jello....don't put the shroom extract straight in, again at certain temperatures a shit loadof the psilocybin and psilocin, and baeostosis die. Put the jello in the fridge...let it cool down real good, but not solid.. THEN stir that mushie goodness in like a mofo.

Undead Monkey's patented Shroom Jello Tec...copyright 2008...not really copyrighted. LOL 

This extraction method with in with jello will work for any water soluble chemical.

Get creative. I am looking for shroom shaped bowls to put the jellos in to mold em LOLOL Imagine that shit at a party. People would love the hell out of you, and laugh.

hahaha A bunch of potent ass shroom shape shroom jellos. Pimp..for sure.

Now all you need to do is invite a bunch of hot lesbians to roll around in it naked. 

good times. 

ALSO:  I just now took jello out of fridge, and ate it.  :)  It was watery....but still jellowy.  Leading me to conclude that you must use less water to compensate for how much shroom juice you add later. 

It takes practice to get it how you want depending on how much shroom juice you use, and the ratio of jello to shroom juice.  Any better Shroom Jello recipes using any thing I added to the other one, I will take this one down.  Use any ideas I got here word for word if you want.  I would rather have exact measurements.  I am not that good with that though.  I just wing it.  OOOOH Tastes so good though.

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