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First time on shrooms

First time on shrooms

So me and a buddy picked up some shrooms on Friday round 930pm and we went to cub foods to grab a liter each of Sunny D.  We were gonna do it on Saturday afternoon, but we both got too excited.  It was both our first times doing these, and we both just really smoke pot constantly.  Of course we got our buddy over to be sober and watch over us while we ate them.  He has done them about 15 times, so I felt comfortable with him there.  We ended up eating them around 11:10pm and turned on GTA on the 360.  I was kinda nervous eating them, but knew I had to go into them on a good mind set and attitude.  I didn't feel anything for about 30 minutes and then I just started to feel the "high" feeling.  Then the high feeling started to turn into kinda of a tipsy feeling and my body felt really light.  Then we decided to go outside for a smoke and right when I got outside I detected a change in my vision.  I first noticed the grass sticking out in all the same pattern and it felt really crazy on my feet.  Then I noticed all the lights on the street very vividly and bright, they stood out like no other and the lights/colors of the lights were beatiful.  Then we ended up going back inside for a bit and played more GTA and def saw a change in the games mood.  Every single little color stood out in its own form and personality and my buddy kept going on killing sprees in the game and it was way too intense to just look at it, because it was so much going on.  Then about when an hour and a hal passed me and my friend started feeling it really come on, so of course we wanted to go walking up to the park across the street to just observe nature.  When we started walking, I was just floating across the ground.  I looked at the grass and I could see every single leaf stick out brightly orange, and it was almost 1am.  Then the most exciting part of my trip happened.  When I turned to look at the playgorund, it was BRIGHT neon colors.  Each part of the playground was a diff neon color and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,  my friend didt see it.  Then we just sat at the bench viewing the sky and the clouds just form into each other. When we were just sitting enjoying the outside atmosphere of everything, we decided to go pop in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  We got inside and put it on and the next level of the shrooms kicked in right when we started the movie.  I looked at my hand and it was moving and shrinking somehow and my feet kept getting longer then shorter and I was just laughing at that for while.    Then of course all the patterns in the movie just kept sticking out, forming together and moving around.  After about 30 minutes, it was too much on the eyes and the shots kept switching out too much too handle.  So we had to put in Halo 2, and that was amazingly awesome.  The maps seemed different too me on shrooms, the background of the maps were amazing, the sky, the mountains.  Me and my buddy just were standing still in the game looking at the shit around the maps moving.  The sober friend just ended up slaughtering us because we were just lost in the game.  Then we decided to walk to my house about 2 miles away, and we noticed the powerlines intensly moving with each other and looked crazy slanted downward which was weirrrrd.

So I recommend shrooms to people who want to learn stuff about nature and just have a good visual trip.  I was nervous to try them from the getgo, but if you go into shrooms with a good mind set, you will be just fine.  Always have a sober person with you the first time though so they can talk you through the rough parts of the trip.

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