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First Trip

Tripping at a cabin...advise for other first timers

I have frequented this web site for a very long time, and about a month ago I finally got my hands on some shrooms (cubensis I think). My two friends and I ate a half eighth each (two of us, including me, had never tried shrooms before). We took them at my friend’s cabin in the middle of nowhere, so there was no chance of seeing anybody, which helped with any paranoia.  I first smoked a half bowl, just to cut down on the nausea and make easing into the trip smoother. We ate them whole with nothing but soda to wash them down, starting around 12pm. First of all, I’d like to dis-recommend this method, since they taste pretty bad and also they have an odd texture (they stick to your teeth and you are scraping horrible, bitter shroom out of your mouth forever). Even high I gagged and puked a little attempting to eat them (I only wasted a very small amount, maybe a quarter gram at the very most). The pot must have helped with the nausea afterward, though, because I never felt nauseous during the actual trip.

After we all got our portions down (I took my time, so this was about 20 to 30 minutes later), we walked down to the little river by the cabin (about a five minute walk) and while we were chilling down by the stream just talking we really started to feel them kick in. My one friend (Drew) had never done any drugs really, and had only smoked pot once, so it hit him really, really hard. At first it just felt like my pot was sneaking up on me, but then everything was very wide and bright. Also, I noticed that the ripples in the water looked extremely exaggerated and reflective. We decided (since we were inexperienced) that we should head back to the cabin, in the unlikely event that we were so fucked out of our minds we couldn’t find our way back to the cabin.

We sat out on his porch for a while, just talking about what we were feeling. Then, out of nowhere, one of the guys from the other cabins (there are about 6 cabins on his property, but most of the time they are unoccupied) drove past and called my friend over to talk to him. My other friend and I were still on his porch while he was talking, and we must have looked like we were fucked out of our minds because we were laughing like idiots about how hard it must be to talk to this random guy. Luckily he did not want to talk long, and soon after we started to peak. At one point we walked into the woods, and saw this random bench in the middle of nowhere. Now, I had seen this bench earlier sober, and even sober it was strange. So we sat there and talked about how it was probably put there by a drug-addled artist who wanted to trip balls like us and paint the woods. The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful, and about five hours later I smoked another bowl and we built a fire to have hotdogs for dinner.

 I did not really see things breathing or any other crazy visuals, but I saw some swirling in the wood patterns and a little bit of trailing when I moved my hand in front of my face. Also I had many “realizations” about things, such as the meaning of music and things about nature. I saw the dual beauty of the death and life of a forest, the death being sad but still beautiful, and just a part of life. This was a pretty tame trip from what I’ve researched, but there were three things of note that I feel I should mention.

First of all, the emotions I felt were very intense and borderline scary. I felt the most intense nostalgia I had ever experienced, and even called a college buddy (I have just finished my first year of college) and talked to him about our friendship and if we would stay friends next year. I felt the saddest I had ever felt before in my life, however it was not that bad. The sadness felt good, as if my brain was finally letting certain things I had kept deep inside come to the surface. I wanted an emotional trip, but I wasn’t really counting on it actually happening, so it sort of threw me for a loop.

The second thing of note was music. Music was really, really intense, to the point that I had to stop listening to it because it was mentally painful. Apparently I was freaking my friends out (I found this out later) while listening to music, I was mouthing the words with such fervor and passion it was scaring them. I was lost in a dreamscape of music, seeing small, colorful swirling 2-D disks when I closed my eyes. When I sang, I felt like my top jaw was moving but my bottom jaw was keeping still, so in my head I saw myself as a huge Pez Dispenser, which made me laugh for a while.

Another feeling I got was the sheer awesomeness of everything. If you have ever done anything in a large church before when it was empty, even something as pointless as getting something from a pew that you forgot, you know what the feeling is like. Everything felt large, but at the same time it seemed the same size, like if you grew 10x your normal size but then lived in a house that was also 10x the normal size. I knew I was big, but nothing seemed small (if that makes any sense).

The thing that I would have liked stressed to me before doing shrooms is the intensity of the emotions (well, a lot of people stress that in their trip reports, but I never took them seriously I guess). I thought I could control my emotions, since I sometimes get slightly emotional on pot but I can control it very easily if I wish to. However, I couldn’t control them at all. It was scary in a way, but at the same time it was very cool. The other thing I would have liked stressed is how much to avoid metal/hardcore music. I made a mix-CD for the trip, and I couldn’t stand any of the metal in the least bit. Hard rock is tolerable, but anything more hardcore than Rush should be avoided. Soothing rock and anything very musical/soft is good. Loreena McKennitt was very good. I plan on doing a full eighth in a few months, so I will probably write another report about that. Thanks for reading, and happy tripping!


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