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Magic Mushrooms, a very good idea

2.5 grams of dried shrooms

Hi, my name is Josh and i thought one day, after hearing stories, that i wanted to do magic mushrooms. Me and my friends collectively spent over £120 on them, 12 grams spread between me, Jack, Nathan, Billy, Matt and Dom. I was the first, after smoking two joints, to start chewing the mushrooms, i chewed them for a good 10 minutes, the flavour reminiscent of sunflower seeds i thought. They went down, and we all looked at each other.

Conversation broke out to pass the time, over time, the conversations became i felt more distant, laughing and giggling at meaningless humour. 
Sat in my room we all slowly began to take effect, i slowly began to see my wall turn to tile form, we all lost a sense of time, The sun which shone through the windows seemed duller, yet more welcoming, more of a glow. Time went by slowly in this little trippy world of ours.
We sat down again... Silence broken as Jack began jumping to the ceiling.. "DO YOU SEE THE VAMPIRE?!... DON'T YOU SEE IT?" he looked at us, as if we were complete idiots, what he was seeing was there to him...  He raised his voice again "JESUS... THROUGH THE ROOF ITS COMING DOWN THROUGH THE CEILING!" And then whoomp.. he just lay back down on the bed.. panting.
At first it seemed only Jack had any real effects and the last thing i remember anyone saying about their own trip, before i slipped, was Jack saying that my lava lamp was pure liquid flowing through his hands, he said he was in control... You could see, his eyes were fixed on this lamp. 

At this point... Something triggered for me, i was thrown into a world of my own... 
I stood, i began to laugh uncontrollably. Moving towards the corner of my room where the door was. I faced the corner, the others watched and giggled, i closed my eyes and i thought to myself, "Let go". 
I raised my arm... Into this corner, it felt as if my arm went straight through the wall... My friends say, to my embarrassment as this was going on the noises i made resembled those of orgasm.
I turned my head, still closing my eyes, i could see everything... Eyes fastened shut, no colour... Just green outlines of everything.
I knew what i was doing entirely... Just in black and green.
I played with this new sight.. Before opening my eyes. I had an inspiration as i looked out my window into the garden, I rushed out of the room and downstairs.
I was flung into this jungle, plants turned to snakes, 2D shapes more defined, new shapes appeared, everything became more overcast. 
As i raised my head.. What i saw just caused me to collapse onto the grass The clouds formed the shapes of space-craft that where tilted towards me in a lush pink and orange sky. At the vanishing point i stared, something about it wanted me to explore... Perhaps i needed a higher dose but still, the adventure and the possibility amazed me. 
I closed my eyes only to have to open them instantly as the extreme visuals felt as if they were blinding me.
The sky was so much broader than i was used to... It's as if i was not looking at the sky, or space, the level beyond, whatever that may be.
I truly believe if i had consumed a further gram or 2 more answers would have been explained, but i was generous and i only took 2.5 of my 4 grams, sharing around the rest.

I'm afraid after this all i can remember is the walk to marks and spencers, eating a lemon pie off of my foot which had been thrown in to my bedroom floor, and me and my friend running down a road, he was glowing and his features became defined more and he looked like Tom Cruise, it made me feel safe that i wasn't going to die running bseide him. 

I htink personally, if we had stayed in one place and had talked more, the experience would have been better, however for a first time, it was fantastic and we all just wanted to explore, it;s just human nature :)

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