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The Mars Volta...

My Night in Heaven/Hell

Most of what I saw this night I cant even put into words, so heres the short version of what i can.

So, i've only done mushrooms once before (me and my friends split 1/8 between 3 people) and it was enjoyable.   we hit level 2 that time.  
I went to see the Mars Volta play live and we decided to up the dose.  We each met up at a hotel near the concert hall and ate a little more than 1/8 each.  we hadn't had anything else to eat the entire day.  We decided to walk to the concert and it wasnt that far.  half way there one of my friends said he could start to feel it kick in.  I told him it was way to early, but i was kind of starting to feel it too.  the walk was pretty freaky even sober, we had to cross an interstate off ramp, and walk through china town and a park.  finally we got to the concert

We go inside and i can feel that i need to sit down.  we all sit down on the floor and cant stop laughing.  after a while we get up and go into the crowd.  the show starts in 20 min.  THeres a huge poster of a naked lady in the desert with a snake coming up next to her and a sinister jester in the corner. 

Heres where things start to get crazy....  we all tried to figure out what was going on in the pic.  Then the pic started to become 3D, which was cool, but than the jester started to freak us out.  Every body that touched me seemed to be dumping their emotions and energy into me, it was odd and i could feel all these thoughts and excitement and fear, so i tried not to touch anybody.  as it was almost time for the show to start more and more people gathered around.  I felt a sensory overload and felt light i was going to pass out.  I looked at my male friend (im a male) and said  "dude I'm not okay, i need to go into the bathroom, come with me".  He said ok and we left my female friend and our other friend (the last person was on shrooms for the first time).  I turned to get out the crowd and I must have looked like I was gonna puke because it seemed as if everybody just cleared a straight path and I walked out.  I got to the bathroom ( which I had been in before) and it looked different.  The entire room was tinted blue, and it looked small.  there were black and blue checkered tiles on the floor that seemed to move like water.  I got into the stall and sat down (i didnt need to go, i just had to sit)  when I closed my eyes I saw a black and white spiral, which was amazing, than it turned into a kalidascope. i opened my eyes and I wasn't sick anymore, I walked out and the bathroom looked bigger than before and I couldnt find the door.  My friend called my name and I mouthed "I'm trippin balls" .  he said just calm down and i thought it was good he's not as tripped out as me.  the show had already started and we walked out as they played "Goliath".  it went on for 20 mins (real time) which seemed so long but i loved it.  

Than, my friend taps me on the shoulder and asks "does this stuff make you lose touch with reality?".  I told him it does and he told me he thinks hes losing touch right now. I told him it started for me in the bathroom (which i didnt even begin to describe all the things that went on in my mind in that bathroom), and to enjoy it.  he said ok and than we realized we wouldnt find our other two friends.  as the concert went on I started to believe that I died in the bathroom and was in hell.  The crowd looked like zombies, the music was dark but still amazing, and Cedric (vocalist of the mars volta) seemed as if he was the Devil leading everything while the musicians seemed possessed.
my female friend sent us a text that she was trippin out and in the back on the floor.  we found her and both sat down too.  we all started laughing til we realized we lost the first time shroomer.  he found us and we got some water and food.  we watched the rest of the show from the back.  we left and just started walking.  as we were walking I saw a bunch of dead bodies in a car, but as I got closer they turned into blankets.  The street signs curved  in and out like somebody punched them right in the center.  walking through chinatown was strange.  

we got back to the room, the was seemed to be moving like water.  we talked listened to music and looked in the mirror.  than watched tv till we fell asleep.  the trip was intense but i cant call it good or bad.  it was beyond that.  I would def do it again.

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