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Salvia 35x

Sucked into another dimension, within the mind.

 I have used Salvia several times, though this is the first time I have ever used an extract and this experience is by far the most trippy and mind blowing salvia experience I have ever had.

I prepared myself by taking deep breaths for the massive plunge I was about to take deep into the depths of shaman's world, Imagine, being someone who has already had mind blowing experiences from just plain leaf about to use this powerful 35x extract, I was with several friends who knew to stay quiet and watched over me. So, I prepared for launch, ignited the leaf, took a long draw, held my breath....and Boom! I instantly started to perceive a a gravitational pull pulling me into what seemed like a wormhole, I looked around and seen insane visuals of perceived solid 3D looking objects all around me I felt like I was slipping in and between solid objects and my body felt burning hot, I heard my friends speak really weird sentences that I knew they couldn't have been saying. Then...It happened, I was trapped inside my head. the next few events that took place within my mind are so profound, that they are almost indescribable through words, but I'm going to try my best, infact, it even took me until the next day to remember it all. So, here I go, even though the room was dark, all of the sudden I was back in my room but the light was on, I turned my head to look at my friends in the room, and to my surprise, all my friends in my room were frozen, I would look at one of my friends then he would move his body in weird coordinated movements like a robot, like he would bend his torso down and up, move his arm up and down, then move his head up and down, stuff like that, and as I looked around at each of my friends, each one would do the exact same thing, over and over and over, I even seen one of my friend's body multiply and do movements down a line. I was in what seemed like another dimension, It was so real that I felt like it was my reality, in this place time was meaningless because I can not remember exactly how long this went on, a lot of other weird stuff happened but I can't remember much of hardly.

       I moved my vision down and all of the sudden, my conciousness split away from my body and I heard everyone laughing at me, I thought I had gotten up and fell to the ground, but I felt my Vision was stuck inside my brain and I could not see anything I was doing everyone continued to laugh (Which the room was actually silent and I was motionless the whole time as said by a friend aftewards) and i wandered around the room I felt but my vision was still gone, I then heard the door slam and I heard someone say  "He just left!" another friend said  "Hes okay, some people just react to salvia that way and trip out really bad and do that" and I thought to myself  "Oh my god! I ran away without my conciousness! I could be doing something crazy without even knowing it! What am I going to do!" So I just waited to see what happened and all of the sudden I came to and I was back sitting indian style on my bed, everything was slow motion and I just slowly leaned back against the wall and was relatively normal shortly, everything still looked rather distorted and I had small amounts of visuals, when that wore off I was left in total awe.

What is weird about the experience as that at one point, I completely forgot about certain things that happened during the experience and I had felt like I had simply blacked out during that whole time, but I had a weird flashback to that moment the next day, like me seeing my friends actually doing movements of their bodies that looked so real, but didn't actually happen and hearing voices.  I would say that this totally blew my mind.

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