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Happy days

Everything started out as a normal day.

Everything started out as a normal day. I had to take the ACT, so i woke up, had a cup of tea and did some stretches. I headed to the test center and met up with a friend. He told me that he had just gotten busted with pot by his parents (half ounce of dank) That's sad. He was having a shitty day and then we had that stupid test.

So I went and took the first half of the test, and we met back up during the break. "So, I have some mushrooms that I need to get rid of..do you want them?" Hell yes i did.
Feelings of giddiness ran through me as I took the second half of the test. It's hard to concentrate when all you can think about is mushrooms.

Afterwards, I received about a half-eighth of shrooms. mostly caps, some fatty ones, and a few stems. The rest was kinda mushroom shake. This is the second time I ate mushrooms...the first time i ate twice as much and tripped hard. I'm a small girl, about 105 lbs...and an eighth of mushrooms really pushes the edge. I figured a half eighth would give me an enjoyable evening.

I came home and took a nap. I feel this is important. You want to be well rested for your journey. You will be awake for quite some time, so be rested!

I ate the shrooms once it got dark. We went to the school (crazy idea) to watch the end of some talent show. It was pretty cool to watch everything as I began to shroom. This is not a good idea unless you want to interact with people. Talking to people was great...if you are tripping bad that might not be a good idea but just when i began it was pretty cool. by that time i was also having the best body buzz. And when we left, the hallways were crazy. The long dull hallways were divided into great shapes. Never again will i walk down the halls unimpressed. I can now say that i've shroomed at school.

We (as in my best friend and me) didn't really have any plans for the night. Sometimes you should plan on what you're doing. But since I hadn't planned for mushrooms we just went with the flow. We went for a little drive and decided to head to a friend's house. Actually, it was a group of people who we used to hang out with but kinda drifted away. But i knew a bunch of people there were shroomin, drinkin, or bong-rippin. It was a party.

So we went...so many people. I enjoyed being around people. I just talked and talked because you can think of the most creative things. And I was so happy...like I just wanted to send a positive vibe to everyone. When you're shrooming, be around happy people. Think about happy things. Spread the joy.

But then sometimes you need time alone. I wandered into the great room, which was empty. the party host put in some bob marley for me. Good music is a must. I just flow to Bob, he runs through my head 24/7. So I stood there, dancin to bob and staring at this huge picture. The trees blew in the breeze and the water rippled. Soon i felt like it was all real. I just wanted to walk through the path down to the lake. Some of the trees transformed into mushrooms. I think i observed the painting and jammed for about an hour.

I had a good body buzz all night. I smoked a few bowls of dank later on and the buzz restrengthened. I enjoyed the medium-level trip. I feel revived and happy again. It's great.

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