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Crazy 1st trip

Vacation in leavenworth, WA

So it starts off with me and 2 of my buddys. We were headin up to leavenworth with my friend adams family and we had 200 bucks to blow on stuff so we ended up getting a 1/4 oz of weed and a 30 bag of cabensis (no caps just stems) each and it was my 1st time doin shrooms. So we get to leavenworth around midnight and let his parents know were goin out. So we go outside to adams car munch down our shrooms, smoke a blunt, and than started walkin around. We got to a safeway and thats were i started to feel them. We were sittin on a bench and the parking lot was moving up and down slowly i started closely thinkin wtf. So we got up after about 15 minutes of sittin there and than it was done i lost track of what we were doing I totally forgot i was with them till i looked around and noticed them and i did this alot. Than everything started to move and morph. We sat down and I just started trippin even harder, The things I was seeing and feeling was indescribable. The roads were melting away and flowing like water i was looking at the sky and the stars seemed to be playing with each other laughing and moving around in the sky it was amazing I felt at peace this euphoria continued for what seemed like forever. Eventually adam and zach decided to get up and they made me stand up and walk back to adams car so we could be warm and what not. So we were sittin in the car and all the smashed bugs on the windshield from the ride to leavenworth started to glow white and morph into these thingys i cant explain and they were moving about the windshield and car. At this point I had no idea what I was doing or were I was but I felt good almost to good and started laughing for about an hour till we had to go in. Once we got inside i layed down on the pullout couch and my trip turned on me and i started feeling like I was going to die or like i was in hell it was the most terrible feeling ive ever experienced in my life. So adam got me up and took me into the bathroom so i could sit somewere with the lights on. While i was in the bathroom I kept hearing a different voice in each of my ears saying something i didnt understand. I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror and my face just stretched and ran down the mirror like syrup ( at this time the walls the toilet and the water in the toilet were all doing this as well) it was kinda cool but than I got the sudden urge to puke and i fell down on the floor and just started into the toilet water. The only way I can think of to explain the bubbles in the water is bumper cars but super fast ones. It was crazy! so I went back out into the living room to try and fall asleep. I sat down on the end of the bed to take off my socks but when i sat down it felt like I dropped off of a cliff or something and just kept falling adam noticed me freakin out and layed me down. Once I layed down it was a smooth finish twas about 7:30 in the morning and getting light and I finally fell asleep. I got woken up a few hours later very tired but otherwise I was good. Went out smoked a cig and when to eat. Overall it was a great experience and I will definately do them again sometime. Have fun with your shroomin and thank you for reading my report =)

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