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Recently I consumed about 3.

Recently I consumed about 3.8g of some pretty decent fungus. Though it was not my first (or last) trip it was an absolutley different trip from any I have experienced. The day started with my friends Mc and boing walking into the woods boomers in hand and ready to go. stopping at anice flat rock we sat down and munched without hesitation after we rolled up a doobie we resumed walking. After passing a couple landmarks on the way to this nice meadow we all started tripping hard so we sat down on a nice hill and got down to tripping after a few pipes we occupied ourselves with hysterical laughter after about an hour of laughing at nothing silence fell after realizing the abrupt change in scene we all noticed we were staring at a half rotted log that screamed at us , or me at least with the most intense vibrant, passionete brown hue. A similar experience grippped me when we left the woods stepping out into the day I was almost brought to my knees by the overwhelming sky that spread the world and beckond me into it soconvincinly I thought there was something wrong with me because I can't fly.

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