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A Trip Revived

The mushrooms decide when they're done with you

Friday night two friends and I ingested tea made with approximately 3/8 cubes at around 10pm. At various points we vaped some weed. We had a wonderful time listening to music, and them playing music. Around 2am I thought it would be neat to go to the beach. I called my wife to see if she would drive us. She said that she had been thinking about the beach too. Weird.

Anyways, before we left the three of us split more tea made with 2/8. Then she drove us to the beach (about 2 hours away). We saw shooting stars, bioluminescence in the sand--all of which were real--my sober wife saw them too. Needless to say, it was wild. Then we watched the stars, felt the water, and eventually, watched the sun come up. We were done tripping so we left, got some food, and went home and spent the day intermittently sleeping, writing down my experiences in a journal I keep, and watching TV. I figured the night was probably a level 3.

At around 8:30pm that night, (almost 18 hours since the last ingestion of tea)we decided we were going to go to this outdoor concert thing. I vaped some weed before going. Next thing I know, I was feeling euphoric and I started to note that weed normally didnt feel like this. I thought to myself, I guess it must be something with my brain chemistry after having done shrooms that makes weed react differently. I shrugged it off.

Next thing I know, Im in full blown level 4 trip. I couldnt understand how I could be tripping this long after, which scared me very badly. I began to lose control of my actions. I guess more precisely, I found myself doing something, and then "thinking" of it...my actions were preceding my thoughts to do that action, whereas usually ones actions precede ones thoughts.

I was convinced I had lost my mind. I was on a very bad trip. I was crying and I felt like I had failed my wife by doing shrooms and going crazy. I called my more experienced friend who talked to me a bit, telling me hed heard of it happening before. I didnt believe him.

My wife had me lay down in bed and she held me while playing a meditation CD with calm music. That very quickly drew me out of my bad trip. We began talking and then I felt like someone had "punched" a thought violently into my head. I had this vision thrust into my mind of something, I wasnt sure what...it was a blue background with white curved "something". I told my wife and she looked stunned. She said she was envisioning the sky just now.

She made me try some more, and I did not guess correctly what she was thinking, but I knew I wouldnt...I didnt have the same feeling of thought being thrust into me. Then suddenly it happened again...I had a vision like looking down from a lawnmower and watching grass being cut by a lawnmower blade like a cheesegrater (if that makes sense). I told her this and again, she looked stunned. She was thinking of a grass field.

All of this blew my mind, and still does. But then I had an experience I cant quite write about in detail next...I feel like I shouldnt actually. But basically, I felt like a long dead relative of mine was scared for me, and she reached into me and filled me with happiness and warmth to comfort me. Then it hit me...there was a god. Being a longtime agnostic, this just...wow. I cant describe it, but I just felt it, and knew then that my life had just changed. I immediately came down a lot off my trip, and could talk rationally with my wife about it.

I then woke up and began writing furiously in my journal while listening to some music. I was still very slightly tripping and I felt like I was writing, but wasnt thinking about it. Like I was possessed and just writing whatever I was told. I sat back and listened to some more music, and then turned on a downloaded Timothy Leary trip thing where he is guiding people through their trip. I selected the "Coming Back" track and was amazed at how vividly he was describing what happened to me.

So finally my wife took me to McDonalds around midnight and I had an ice cream sundae and went to bed. I began to think about my earlier trip, and how I felt like I had "wasted" it somehow by just having fun and enjoying the frivolity of the pleasure. I began thinking that maybe the mushrooms "pulled" me back to finish what they started, and knew I needed. Being a very scientific thinking person, normally this would sound crazy to me. But I couldnt help but wonder.

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