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What Doesn't Kill You.....

I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I tripped hard.

Before this experience I had tripped on acid 3 times and had plenty of experience smoking weed. Done speed once and ecstacy twice. I was real keen to get my hands on some tabs again and I asked my brother and he said he would try set some up that week.
On Friday night of that week I was about to go to sleep when my brother comes in. At that point I knew that he had some kind of drug on his hands or he wouldn't have bothered me. He pulled out a bag with pills in them (a mix of blue and white), about 15 all up I think there was . I bought 5 off him and save two for me and my best mate for a few weeks later. At this point I knew very little about what I had bought. My brother told me they were acid pills. The mention of acid made my mind up straight away.

That Saturday I decided I would test out one of these pills to see if my purchase was worthwhile. I took a pill at about 9 p.m. I later was informed of a party shortly after taking my pill so I quickly got dressed and shit and went to Jack's place. At this point I wasn't feeling anything which was cool, I was just waiting for the effects. On my way to Jack's nothing to interesting happened, I just got paranoid by a car coming up the street. Jack and I walked to this alleged party only to out that it wasn't on. So I got home from this escapade at around 10 and realized I wasn't feeling anything and being the impatient guy I am, I dropped another one of the pills (bring my count to 2) , it was real tangy in a repulsive way. At about 10:30 I wasn't feeling any effect so I decided a third pill would do something.

I was sitting at the computer and about fifteen minutes after taking the third pill I got my first kind of hit. I was talking to my friend at the time and I remember telling him that the room felt really spacey/empty. Mum was walking around so I was trying my best to remain calm and normal but things were getting more intense by the minute. I was on a chatroom just describing what was going on, not really talking to anyway, it was just comforting to be able to tell anyone what was going on. I remember my brother got home from work and I didn't realise and he just popped up out of nowhere and it spooked me and i just started laughing. I knew at this point that I had to go to my room before I got busted. I stood up real quick and felt like I was floating but being pushed down by a weight at the same time. (It was about 12 or something at this point)

I was in my room watching videos on my Ipod. For some reason I got really irriated by just watching videos but when I listened to music videos it was all real good because I was getting an audio orgasm at the same time. I was watching Pick Of Destiny and the final showdown came on and the devil just looked real vibrant like he was glowing. and when they were singing master exploder all the colours from the screen were on the ceiling in my room and it looked like a concert in my room. I put my ipod on music shuffle and just listened to whatever came on and everything sounded like perfect, as if it were all the right notes like a masterpiece. (This was the case for all songs). At this point I was loving the experience and decided I'll just save one pill for my good mate. So I dropped another pill.

After the fourth pill I just became a fiend. I was playing Heroes Might and Magic and I remember I just kept tapping my foot, biting my nails, clenching my jaw and shit. I had the most tremendous body high I have ever felt in my life. I was tingling all over, the kind of feeling u get from an orgasm....but it was lasting for so long. At this point I was thinking everything was so perfect and just thought, if this is how I feel on 4 pills.....how will I feel on 5 pills? Even though I promised my friend a pill, my craving was more justifiable in my mind at the time. When i toook the fifth pill it tasted so foul that I almost threw it up but I did manage to get it down. (I don't remember specific timings at this point)

I remember after taking the fifth pill that I started to get cramps all through my hand which started to freak me out and whenever I stopped tapping my foot I just felt real cold like my blood stopped flowing or something. I managed to assemble myself onto one of the two beds in my room and i just sat at the head of the bed staring at the door thinking if it opened I would probably just turn into a goo or something (don't ask me how I made this connection). I quickly calmed myself down after I started talking to a painting (it wasn't talking back but I was trying to provoke it). Eventually I got back to playing my computer game when my brother came in and we started talking and shit and I told him I was tripping out big time. He had taken a few pills aswell and he was pretty tripped out aswell.

It was like 1 a.m. at this point I think and my brother still had about 3 of these pills left. I bought another half of the pills and took that immediately and then after some negotiations I wrangled up some food, my borther wallet and some other shit for my borther in exchange for another whole pill which I also took straight away.

I was tripping hard now, I didn't know what was going on. I looked at my brother and his face was in the shadows and he looked real evil like he was possessed or something and his face kept changing expressions. We were being real loud and laughing at heaps of shit so we decided to get out of the house and explore our suburb. It was something like 3 when we made this decision so we had 2 and a half hours to explore before we had to be back.

Sneaking out of the house was no easy task but we managed. The outside world was intense. I was seeing colours that just shouldn't have been and everything looked different even though I have lived here all my life. We got to the park and just looked into the ocean and the island nearby. we were at the enclosure part of the park where people can swim and have fun. We were sitting here just listening to music and talking and shit and had a cigarette each. I felt really droopy after the cigarette and a little filthy but didnt much care. But about ten minutes after the cigarette i could still see smoke coming from my mouth and was like OH FUCK ARE MY LUNGS ON FIRE OR SOMETHING!? but soon realised that it was jutst because it was so cold. We decided to go down to the beach and walk along it for something to do. On the beach my whole perspective changed, I could see the city from this position and all the lights from the city looked like they were dancing or something it was really peaceful.

We walked to another park about 2minutes away but the gates were closed and in front of the gates was a big yellow light which lit up a huge area. I suggested to my brother that it looked real warm over there so we checked it out and it did feel slightly warmer. We continued to walk into this really sinister dark area called "the aboriginal plant trail" or soem shit. We were real keen to look at something that was there (i dont remember what) but all of a sudden my brother was like "fuck man is that a homeless guy!?" and i looked and there was surely enough a homeless guy. We both shit ourselves wondering what to do. We crept closer only to realise it was just a shadow. But even when I got about 3 metres away for some reason after figruing out that it was a shadow I freaked out because the shadow then looked like a tiger which scared me briefly.

We then decided to be real cunts (this was the worst part of the trip which i regret alot). We just decided to vandalize a bunch of shit. We went back to the first park and just toilet papered the playground and trees. We then went to a few houses and rocked them. I wouldnt have minded so much but i thought I may have smashed a car windshield, so i felt real bad. We also tried to break into unlocked cars and shit. We got home at about 5:30 a.m. and I was still feeling it. I just listened to my ipod and looked at my polka-dot walls until it was about 10 a.m. (the usual time I wake up in the mornings)

The result of this trip was:
1. My mind being fried for like a week afterwards
2. I became sick with a throat infection (i think because the pills reacted badly which is y they tasted so bad and i wanted to throw them up)
3. I felt real guilty.

Anyway that was a fucking long story! Needed to get it off my chest. Give some feedback. Quite frankly I'm suprised it didn't fuck me up more severely.

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