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The Day I Died


Sunday, September 7, 2008
67 grams of wet Cubes
70miligrams of DMT
Setting- In a forest on the banks of a creek and my house
Time of ingestion (Mushrooms)- 3:45PM

I felt today was a good day for a heroic dose.  I have a forest behind my house and about 100 yards away is a small creek with wide river banks. It's a very nice place and I enjoy hanging out there when I smoke a large amount of cannabis. I walked down there with my iPod and ate the mushrooms.  As I was coming up, I loaded the DMT into a light bulb vape and started to heat it up.  I was able to take 3 large hits before hitting hyperspace.  The last part of the real world I remember was laying on the ground.  Time itself was totally gone.  Crazy colors were all around. I thought that I had died and rotted into the ground. After sometime, I started to see entities.  The only way I can describe them would be Gnomes, Aliens, and Shiva.  The Gnomes were short and fat, they wore looked similar to "David the Gnome".  Their cloths were changing colors and they seemed to dance around jumping in and out of the hallucinations.  The Aliens were tall and floated around twiddling their fingers.  In the middle of my field of vision was "Shiva".  He was dancing, had a blinding white dot on his forehead, and had orange skin. These creatures made noises that I couldn't understand but could at the same time.  I was told that there are an infinite amount of universes and in each one there is only 1 thing different.  When you dream you are watching threw the eyes of your counterpart of another universe, and when you die your consciousness is smashed then reassembled with other smashed consciousnesses.  Sometimes people get a lot of a former consciousness and that is why they have "flashbacks" of a previous life. Also, the creatures told me that they help the universes function.  Hyperspace is a dimension of it's own that is higher than the infinite amount of universes.  While in hyperspace you can meet anyone from any universe. The rest of my trip was thinking about my life and the things I should do. 

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