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My 1st Trip

Now words can describe it. Nothing could have prepared me for it.

Let me tell you about myself first. I am 21 yrs. old and had never done any kind of drugs really. I smoke pot on occasion and thats it. My bf is the one who got me interested in mushrooms. He can get them very easily.

A few months ago, we tried them, but they didnt work. The shrooms had been out in the heat for 3 days. So then, I started reading more about shrooms for the past 2 months and I knew I really wanted to try them. So I told him to give me some, and he said he would rather do it with me the first time. Well, a few days ago, I got 2. I planned on doing them one night when I knew i didnt have to work the next day. So I came home from work and relaxed. No bad thoughts, just relaxed for awhile and wait for my dad to go to bed. Well at 10 o'clock he finally did and at 10:07 I ate them with bbq sauce and drank o.j.

I had read on the net that it takes usually 30 min. to an hour, -not for me it took 2 hours. I had given up and went back downstairs, and then I started feeling sick. So I got up and noticed that things looked diffrent. Like things were moving or something. I got really excited! So I came upstairs and looked in the mirror and was blown away at how big my eyes were. I know I looked in the mirror 100 times, cause I LOVED the way I looked! I laid on my bed and started laughing at my ceiling cause I could see it swirling and it looked like it was expanding. I just noticed everything in my room and noticed all the littlest details. My whole body felt so diffrent like I was being seperated from myslef. I found a glowstick and I know i played with it for 45 minutes. It was green, but it kept getting an orange effect to it too.  I felt like it was bending and flowing and it was just the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Then I decided to go outside. Absolutly Amazing!!! I felt like I was alone in the world with nature. I just sat out there and looked at the sky and the trees which looked like they were waving at me.  I remeber thinking in my mind that this is the most beautiful experience I had ever felt in my life. So I came back inside and decided to watch tv. I turned it to the Disney channel. All the colors popped out at me and it was wonderful.  Then I decided to go t o bed, cause I could feel it wearing off.

I know you are not supposed to trip alone your very first time. But, I wanted to. And I am very glad I did. I feel like a very diffrent person. I didnt want to try shrooms for the fun of it, I did it because I wanted to see myself and the world diffrently. All the reading and studying of mushrooms could have never prepared me for my first time. I hope to have many more!! 

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