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level3? Good for me!

I had only done mushrooms twice before with mixed results.

I had only done mushrooms twice before with mixed results. Overall I liked the experience, but at 1.5 grams it was not quite as intense as I wanted. Since they were so hard to get I figured I just wouldn't try them again. A year later while looking for some information for a friend I started reading up on mushrooms cultivation. A month of heavy reading, driving around for supplies and about $50 got me seven jars of substrate colonizing. A full month after that I got my first flush of full grown cubensis mushrooms. I still can't believe how expensive mushrooms are for how little it costs to grow them. I was pretty nervous trying them because it had been so long and because I had never taken a larger dose, but decided to do it anyway. I weighed out about 22 grams fresh with a pretty unreliable postal scale and popped them down my throat. Fresh mushrooms don't taste nearly as bad as people say, in fact they tatse pretty good to me. I also took a beta-blocker (I use them for performance anxiety) so If I panicked I could keep my heart rate down. I sat around and waited for the effects to kick in. I was not at all in a positive state of mind, but i was trying to be.

The first thing I noticed was a light feeling behind my eyes which I usually get from any psychoactive substance. I looked at the floor hoping to see it moving, but instead saw my feet rippling. Every time I breathed in a wave would pass through my feet making them look distorted. All my bad and anxious feelings were instantly gone and I started laughing harder than I had in a looong time.

The trip was full of mellow visual distortions which left my mouth wide open the whole time (ordinary things; wood grain flowing like a river, walls/floor breathing and bubbling, objects morphing into things or even dissapearing), but the best part was the --INTENSE-- body high. Every few minutes for about 6 hours I would feel these waves of orgasmic ecstasy pass over my body leaving me breathless and giggling like a child. I had never felt so good on anything.

One thing that helped my boost my mood was that I made a playlist of songs on my computer which were all in major keys. They weren't neccessarily happy songs, but they were songs that make me feel good even when I'm not high. I layed on the floor for at least 2 hours staring at the ceiling listening to these songs and feeling my body melting. Every song would make me feel a different aspect of the trip. Some would make me see things one way, another would make me feel happy and content, and some would make me feel like a god. It was like every time the song changed I became another person...but I NEVER lost control.

After maybe 3 hours had passed I got the idea that I had to go to sleep, but I didn't want to. After spending what felt like forever trying to decipher the clock I realized I could stay up all night if I wanted. I had no responsibilities. I found the control to open up my least favorite computer game, "tibes 2". I don't know why I wanted to play it, but I did...for four hours! I couldn't stop. Just moving forward in the game would send shivers of
pleasure over my body. I don't think I ever released the 'forward' key through the whole game. I couldn't figure out why the two teams were fighting and made it my mission to stop them, saying things like "lets make peace" or "obey the tree people" but I was totally ignored. When I watched one of my teammates kill an enemy I almost cried, but I was feeling too happy to let it get to me. Playing this game was the highlight of my trip. I didn't want it to end but I also didn't want anyone else in the house to wake up to find out I hadn't gone to sleep and had puils the size of quarters. I made my way to my bed where I watched tv for a while, but I got too sucked into every channel I came accross. I watched parts of terrible movies and I thought they were the greatest in the world. I got really into an infomercial for some kind of cleaning product, as well as an episode of 'knight rider'. I fell asleep quickly with no trouble, woke up in the morning feeling great.

I guess to anyone else this sounds like a pretty uneventful trip, but it was the most pleasurable experience of my life so far. I forgot it was possible to be that high! I had NO bad things happen to me at all the whole trip. Not a single
thing went wrong, even with my pre-ingestion anxiety. At one point I thought a big fuzzy white gorilla was coming to attack me, but that was just funny not scary. The negative side effects I had with the mushrooms I bought a year ago (cold/hot flashes, weird feelings in my arms and legs) didn't even remotely come up this time. I'm afraid to take another trip because I don't know how I can top this one! Well, I finished my first flush of growing and ended up with almost a full ounce of *dried* Psilocybe cubensis (not counting the ones I ate) for about fifty bucks and a month of waiting + maintanance. Anyone who is considering growing should at least try it. There are lots of methods for beginners which are practically follproof if you follow them correctly, you don't have to worry about your
dealer ripping you off or never knowing what kind you're eating.

my second flush is starting...looking good :)

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