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Will It Never End!

Acid is a fantastic drug

Details: I'm 16 years old, 184cm (6ft 1), 75kg, male and have had experiences with acid, weed, ecstacy, 2-cb's

Recently I came across 3 tabs of acid. Which is fucking awesome.  One school night I decided that I would take the smallest of my 3 tabs because I was real keen to see cool shit and everything that comes with acid. I took it at about 9:30p.m.

At around 10:15 I started to feel it. I was pretty confused cause it usually takes me like an hour to feel any effects. I was sitting on my bed just thinking when all of a sudden I look up and my room looked real smoggy! I looked at my shirts that were hanging up and they were expanding and shrinking which isn't too extreme, to me it just notified me that the trip was beginning. This kind of effect lasted for like 20 mins so I decided I would have a shower for something to do. In the shower things became more intense, it felt like i was oozing away with the water, the hot water was real nice to, it made me all tired. I finished up in there, said goodnight to my parents and went to my room.

In my room I had to turn off all my lights to make my parents think I was asleep, that way they wouldnt barge in on me when I wa tripping. It wasn't all that much of a great trip so far, it just felt like I was stoned, so I was a little disappointed. (I had my ipod fully charged cause when I trip I just watch really funny shit normally). I was watching Flight of the Conchords then all of a sudden my vision started becoming really warped. Everything around me became really hazy and just blending in with everything else. I kept watching flight of the conchords and to me it just seemed like the funniest thing ever! I watched it for about 3 hours before I decided I should do something else.

I put some Pink Floyd on and I realised just how good it is and why it is so frequently connected to acid. When I was listening to it I closed my eyes and saw the most onscure patterns and shit. It was tripping me out in a really good way. I turned my ipod off because I didn't want it to run out of battery.

I looked around everything just felt like some 3D cartoon of some sort. Like "Ace Lightning". I kept thinking that I had crossed into some 4th dimension of some sort so I looked in the mirror to check and sure enough I looked like some bizzare cartoon. I walked to the toilet as quiet as I could (it was completely dark) i made it to the toilet, closed the door and turned off the light. My eyes couldnt adapt to this sudden surge of light so the toilet room look real odd. the walls didnt seem to have any specific corners (it is a square cubicle). The little curtains in there are made of like a mesh cotton and have dolphins on them. Everytime the wind blew on them the dolphins would begin swimming. My mind was obviously fucking with me so I looked down and was like "yep definately fucking with me" cause on top of the toilet were two toilet rolls which looked like eyes.

When I got back to my room I tripped on my pocka-dot walls for a while and just laid in silence. One real weird thing was, when I was lying in silence I thought I could hear purring. This purring was going for like 3 minutes and for some reason i thought there was massive cat in my room (like a tiger, leopard, cougar). so I was absolutely shitting myself and didnt want to open my eyes but I eventually did and thankfully there wasnt and after that the purring stopped.

At this point it was about 3 in the morning so I decided I would try get some sleep to get the effects to wear off. It took me hinestly 2 and a half hours before I finally got to sleep (in other words I laid still for that long, telling myself to breathe in and out).

It wasn;t my greatest trip yet but it was still entertaining.

My friend "S" (the same one from 'Sonsyfools Can Trip') and I are planning these holidays to go to the nearby island for a massive trip. I still have 2 tabs of acid left, he has 1 and a half tabs and we are going to get a 50 bag of weed. We decided that we would go real early in the morning (like 8-9) take the tabs as soon as we leave, then buy a heaps of food from some place and then bush bash it into the rainforest to smoke cones and have a picnic. I'm really keen to go swimming at the beach because floating in the water while on acid and weed seems like it would lead to some kind of out of body experience. 

If anybody has any ideas about what other shit we should do on this island trip drop some ideas and advice. Thanks for reading.

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