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Good to Bad

My 6th or so trip... Read this

*** = the bad trip part (please answer the question at the bottom about it)

Well I hadn't tripped in a while and I started to get very anxious to experience it again. I had shroomed 5 or 6 times before and all of them were good trips and I hoped for the same thing this weekend. I was only going to do about 3grams dried, which is what I usually do, but my friend talked me into take 5 with him so we could experience it in a whole new level. I thought about this and decided it would be fun to experience it in a new way...

We had everything planned out, and then suddenly the day before I started to get seconds thoughts on the amount I was taking. I was anxious, but kind of scared at the same time. I tried not to let the thoughts of a bad trip enter my mind. I don't know why but for some reason I thought this might be the time that I get a bad one since all my previous trips have been good. I really don't know why, it just struck me, so I tried to keep my mind off of it.

The day of the trip we picked everyone up, which was 3 friends of mine, plus me. Only 3 of us were going to shroom so we could have 1 sober guy to lead the group and make sure we didn't get lost since we were going up into the mountains. We knew a legit spot to go where we had blazed it many times before. So we started driving up the mountain to the parking area (which was only about 20 minutes from my house) and on the way up we decided to eat them. We hiked up the trail a few miles and then took our secret turn off to the spot.

When we all arrived at the spot we whipped out our bong and immediately started blazing it. I didn't feel like it, it just didn't seem right to blaze it since I wanted to feel the full effect of the shrooms. It had been about 45 minutes from when I ate them and I started to get a really good body high, I could barely lift my arms and I had the wierd sensation all over. By then I wasn't even thinking about if it was going to be a bad trip or good trip, I just kicked back and watched the beautiful view with my friends. Everything was going really well and we were all having a great time.

I remember it was about an hour or hour and a half into it, or thats atleast what it felt like, and I finally began trippin. I climbed up this small cliff, maybe 6-7 feet up, and went onto the highest rock and look all around at the trees and all the nature that was around. Cliffs in the distance were starting to move, and breath, and the trees started smearing together and stretching which went on for quite some time. It was a great feeling and everyone was having fun. We decided to move spots and look around at everything else, so we hiked from our spot back onto the trail. Once on the trail, we found a shady spot under a tree, with the best view of the mountain I have ever seen. We all just sat there listening to music and staring at this breath taking view for what seemed like hours. I remember seeing patterns and faces in almost everything. I looked at all the rocks and hills around me and they started pulsing and bulging out and back in. 2 of the guys then wanted to go smoke a few more bowls so they went back into the trees away from the trail just incase of people (which no one actually walked by for duration of the time). The rest of us stayed under the same tree for a while and after a few minutes we decided to go back with the other guys.

We walked over to them and sat down. I decided to take a couple rips off the bubbler and I just sat and started to think about life and how much I appreciated nature and the beautiful view around me. I was also thinking about how things were created and stuff was formed and then we all started to discuss random things. I began thinking about what I was going to do in life and what was going to happen after highschool.

***About 10 minutes later we all stood up and were about to start our hike back down. It felt like I was coming down and like I was okay to drive and interact with the real world again. We got caught up talking again before we left, but something began to creep up on me and suddenly a strange feeling came over me. I started to feel really tired and hot so I layed down on the ground while everyone was still standing and talking. I looked around at everyone's faces and they were painted with streaks of color and rainbows. I closed my eyes and saw crazy patterns and bright colors. I thought this was really cool, but then everything turned on me. I felt sick and I began throwing up. I thought it was all over, the sickness and naesea...

But then I got really light headed and my ears started ringing loudly. I didn't know what was happening but I felt like I was about to pass out. My friends were ready to leave by then and we were about to start walking down, but I told them I couldn't. I could barely talk and then the world turned really bright and I couldn't see anymore. Through my eyes all I could see were bright colors, I couldn't see any objects that were there before like the trees or my friends, there was just a wall of colors in front of me. After a minute I could kind of see again so my friends helped me up and I started walking down. Only about 20 seconds had passed and I found myself about to fall over and there it was again, I couldn't see, everything was just bright colors and patterns. I lost all sense of balance and I just callapsed onto the ground. Everyone stopped and I told them I couldn't go any farther. I felt helpless. I couldn't move, I couldn't see any reality, I was confused, and I could barely communicate. I really thought I was going to die, I started to sweat alot and my friends said I looked really pale. I didn't think I was ever going to make it down. I thought I was just going to lay there and burn up and die. I still couldn't stay in touch with reality, it took another 10 minutes before I could sorta see the real world again..

I finally got up and started walking again. It still felt like I had no balance and I was about to fall over again, but I could atleast kind of see the world and the trail. Everything was blurry and a really bright purple/pink, but I could sorta see the trail and my friends. Then it almost looked like a video game, I couldn't actually see my friends, they were just blobs or like shades of color and everything around was colored to. I can't really explain this but I couldn't see the 3D shape to their body or any objects around. Everything I looked at was just a flat, 2d shade of color, and it was all in like pixels.. like a computer screen. And slowly everything started to come back to normal (took 15 minutes or so) and by the time I made it to my car I was fine.

It was about 30 minutes after we came down from the mountain and we went into GameStop, I felt completely sober, but this feeling struck me again. I was just standing inside the store and I felt light headed again, and my ears began to ring. I didn't know why it was happening again, but I thought I was about to pass out in the middle of the store. I rushed out the door and on the way out everything started to fade out. As soon as I made it out the door I couldn't see again, the whole world was just a huge bright light.. I stumbled to the ground and sat. I just had to sit down or I would have fallen over for sure. I wasn't sure where I managed to sit down (i could have been right in front of the door, or in the middle of the road but i couldn't see anything so i just didn't know) i thought i probably looked like a crackhead since i almost fell over a few times while i was walking out and trying to sit down. It was 10-15 seconds later and I could see again and I felt like an idiot out in public. But I haven't felt anything like that since, possibly just a bad trip?

I wanted to know if any of you had experienced the same feeling (the end part about feeling like i was going to pass out, light headed, ears ringing, and then the blinding light where i couldn't see anything). Could someone explain what was happening? Was it just a bad trip at the end?
Please answer if possible, I'm really curious because all my friends said they had never felt like that.

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