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Pink Floyd Live

Ego shattering LSD experience

Location:  2008 Hemp Fest Columbus, OH and Newport Music Hall
Me and some buddies were trying to get some LSD before a crazy good band called "Wish You Were Here" they are a Pink Floyd cover band and they kick ass as i had seen them in concert before.  So we go down to hemp fest around 1:00PM and meet the guy with that had the acid, and this was the sketchiest drug deal ever.  Went over to a circle of hippies and say down, he opened up an Altoid container that had different kinds of LSD, he also offered me DMT, but said no i didnt have the money.  So i go back to my friends aunts house he was dog sitting and wait around till around 3:30 and my friend ben takes 3 hits, i take 2 hits, and pete takes 1 (first time).   30 minutes after dosing the LSD we drive to go down to hempfest chill and wait for the concert hall to open up so we can go to the concert cuz the concert hall was 1 block from hempfest.  In the car i started to feel funny, it was like a euphoric stimulent and i was very relaxed and happy.   When we get to hempfest i started to come up to the trip.  I started to feel like something was wrong, i wasnt right you know very strange energy.  We go and sit down under a tree and wait for my 2 friends alex and rosie who are rolling on E for the concert.  After sitting under the tree for about 15 min prolly an 1 hour into the trip and i started to feel overwhelmed by the visuals, the leaves on the trees were dancing to the music of the wind.  The Bark on the tree was shifting and moving, i thought to my self "This is the hardest i have ever tripped, what did i get my self into."  But after the feeling or overwhemingness was over i started to become interested with the experience.  The deep introspective thinking was SO INTERSTING.  I started to have ego loss at this point, i got up for the first time in about 15 minutes to go take a piss in the porta-potty and getting in this thing was fucking CRAZY.  The walls of this thing were moving in and out like they were breathing and i had the sensation that i was moving like the port-potty was an aircraft and that i was in vehicle moving around.  Taking a piss was wierd too because i kept thinking about how strange it was that everyone has to this.  Anyway i get out and and my 2 friends rosie and alex take there E.  So then we walk around hempfest to look at all the pipes and stuff.  I was tripping so hard that me and my buddy Ben who took 3 hits stayed back, and while on the way back the brick walk way was insane.  The bricks started to bend in and arch and then swirl it was the most intense thing ever, i thought it was quite funny and astonishing my friend ben starting laughing as well.  I asked him what was so funny and he replied "Nothing, there is no reason not to laugh." We went back to the tree laying on the ground looking up at the tree from underneath it.  The colors were so bright and patterns started to imerge in the bark, geometric patterns.  I got a call on my cellphone from Pete (1 hit) and said they were in the parking gargage because Alex was having an anxiety attack, me and my friend Ben started to walk toward the garage and ran into a guy on mine and bens soccer team.  He said "HEY WHATS UP GUYS!", he was really stoned on pot.  We said nothing just walking towards the parking garage.  At this point there was very strange vibes going on.  It was like Me and Ben were one consciousness and the other guy and his friend were another consciousness trying to figure eachother out.  The other guy on my soccer team asked if we had smoked salvia cuz our pupils were so dialated .  Me and Ben looked at eachother and laughed and said no we took LSD.  He was kinda scetched out very stange vibes going on at this point, me and ben said we had to go and left.  We got to the parking garage and the lights in the parking garage were red and had a rainbow glow around them.  We got to alex and he was freaking out about the E he said he wanted to go to a hospital because he thought he was about to drop dead.  My friend pete started to freak out but i didnt, i knew alex, and  have anxiety myself too so i knew what he was going through.  Me and pete go to get water, and we run into some sober friends who we knew well good vibes, but i couldnt talk to the lady to get water because i thought she was gonna think i was crazy.  Anyways alex got water but we had to leave him to go into the concert, i felt so bad, but his girl friend rosie stayed with him.  We went into the concert and i was tripping so hard PINK FLOYD WAS AWSOME.  I had some intense emotional experiences to Time.  And i had a profound feeling of oneness with the concert, i felt as though the concert hall existed as one consciousness and i was experiencing it.  The concert ended at 12:30 and i was still tripping.  I got dropped off at Bens house and we smoked a couple bowls and had a few beers.  Talked about the day and how profound it was.  I learned so much more about myself and what really matters in my life through this experience.  I finally went to bed around 2:30 and finally capped of this most profound day of my life.

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