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2nd trip with bro

It's a beautiful world

My brother and I decided to split an 1/8th one afternoon. I'd just gotten off work and had some chores to do so after he and I finished munching down the shrooms I took a shower and started cleaning stuff up. After about 30 minutes I felt a little "funny" and ran upstairs, once I got to the top of the stairs I turned right, but it felt like I was still going up the stairs. That's when I knew for sure that I was feeling it. My bro and I went downstairs for a while and watched the Simpsons movie. It was actually very entertaining. The bright colors kept seperating into their base colors (IE green had distinct blue and yellow tinges) and I could see these amazing cyan colors echoing just behind other colors. Homer Simpson's line "worst day of your life, SO FAR" was EPIC in so many ways. I remember there was so much beauty in the world that I'd never thought of before watching the Simpsons.

At some point I figured I needed to go outside in the backyard and chill. I turned on my mp3 player and listened to Bittersweet - Don't forget to Breathe. All of the trees were gently swaying in the wind and as I looked at each one, they would become symmetrical. One tree, off in the distance, became a near circle of symmetry with rotating designs throughout the branches. Even though it was far away I felt like it was right in front of me and it encompassed my entire field of view. I blinked out of it and brought everything else back into view.

My brother suggested we play some ping pong so we got our paddles, went upstairs, and started fooling around. We noticed immediately that we seemed to have enhanced coordination as we could balance the ping pong balls on our paddles while walking around the room. (Very easily done sober, we just thought we were doing something amazing) but the interesting thing was the connection we felt with the ping pong balls. When we started playing I felt like I could completely control exactly where I wanted to hit the ball and even felt like I could control the ball after it left my paddle. After five minutes of being "in the zone" I fell out of it and played HORRIBLY. Keeping track of the score was almost impossible but we managed. I remember thinking that at any time I wanted I could will myself to be the winner and reality would change.

We went back downstairs, tears streaming from our eyes, not because we were sad, but just because. (prolly a side effect) I looked down at the rug in the living room and was saddened at first when it didn't start dancing and squirming like everything else did. I concentrated for a minute and the whole thing started to wiggle and come alive. As the day wore on I noticed I had to try harder and harder to get things to come alive.

Hours later as my bro and I are coming out of the trip, a friend shows up with another 1/8th. I'd had so much fun I convinced my bro to split another. Unfortunately we never really felt the effects of the second bag. I guess our tolerance had built up a little too much or something.

I'll never forget that trip though. I think next time I'm going to go into the trip with a mission. I want to try painting something, or writing something while in the middle of a trip. My only regrets are that I have so few momentos to remind me of the fun time I had.

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