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First time shroomie

I died

I started smoking pot when i was 14 and did all kinds of drugs from then til i was 18, including coke, meth, ecstacy, and others. So when it came time to try shrooms for my first time, i thought i'd be able to handle it since I'd done other drugs before.

My boyfriend and I bought some shrooms, 8th for each. (He had done them about  6 times already.) We ended up deciding that I would take 3 grams and he'd take 4. We hadn't eaten anything at all that day and after we ate them and washed them down with orange juice, we walked around the block to smoke a cigarette. The walk lasted maybe 10 minutes. Then we realized we should probably eat something and headed inside to make a pb&j. I felt dizzy and nauseous so I went downstairs to our room to lay down. 2 minutes later my boyfriend came down and we shared the pb&j and as soon as i finished it, it was all over.

Everything started breathing in perfect, peaceful harmony. It was beautiful. Waynes World was on the TV. I'd never seen it. Mike Meyers' face was stretching, his eyes getting tiny, his face bright white he looked like an alien. the background behind the characters was tv snow and i could barely hear the dialogue over the creaking of the house. I got annoyed with this and stood up to turn it off. i turned around and got back on the bed and then promptly fell off. After doing this about 7 times and laughing each time i looked at my boyfriend sitting on the bed.. it looked like his legs were part of the bed. i sat down and looked at some pictures on the wall of some racecar drivers and their faces were orange. they looked just like oopma loompas. i turned to my boyfriend to tell him about it and saw his face turning orange and green also and morphing into different shapes and aging. he looked like he was 50! (he is 20). the longer i looked the uglier and scarier he got so i couldnt look anymore.

we turned on music.  it was dark in the room with only the little light left of the day coming through the blinds. I looked down at my arms, they were black and so were my boyfriends. i pulled my shirt and looked down it. it was a different dimension. I looked at the window, the light around the blinds was red and yellow like we were right next to the sunset. It looked like a beach house. I felt at peace for 10 seconds. then the fear came. It felt like i lost control. ten seconds later, peace again. these 10 second intervals of feeling change lasted the whole trip. I was just laying down wishing i was at a hospital or that there was someone sober to tell me its ok.

i lost all senses of reality. what was it like to be normal again?? what is normal? is this normal? if i stayed like this forever would i get used to it? are there other worlds where this is what its like? i tried desperately to remember just an hour earlier but it seemed like a distant dream. i looked at the clock... 8:34. 8:34 lasted an eternity that night. i looked at it once every minute until about 10. it felt like 8 hours.

My boyfriend left the room and I couldnt figure out where he went. i hoped he didnt go outside, it seemed evil out there. i listend to the creaking of the floors upstairs and they echoed and played over like a movie. it was so loud. it sounded like people were running upstairs and panicking. i told myself if something happened someone would come get me. after an eternity, my boyfriend came running back down. he burst in the room and  turned on the lights and was standing there holding a golden bunny. it was the most bizzare thing i'd ever seen in my life. i later learned it was just a chocolate bunny for easter.

then the lights went off again. the act of the lights going off was like death. i had flashbacks from when i was a little kid. disney movies, swingsets, plastic pools. i felt my chest, it felt like sandpaper.  I felt like my whole body was wet. wetness was coming out of every orfice... my eyes my nose my ears my mouth..  i couldve been drowning i thought. i couldnt see anything and wondered if i was blind. there were little lights where the tv was, the computer, alarm clock, things like that. but i couldnt figure out my bearings. where was i? the blankets got tangled and  i lifted up my legs to fix it and when i looked at one side of my legs, they were there but on the other side there was nothing. i curled up in the fetal position, i just wanted to die right there.

i realized in a panic i was going to throw up. i ran to the bathroom and puked up OJ, pb&j and shrooms. most discusting puke ever. i sat there in the bathroom in the brightest light i'd ever seen. the hallway between me and my boyfriend seemed like a void. i thought i was lost. i wondered if i went out there if there would be someone i could get directions from back to my room. then my boyfriend came and rescued me. we layed down, silent.

i kept forgetting what was was going on. i kept asking, "am i ok??" "am i alive?" "did i throw up?" i curled up and closed my eyes and waited for it to be over. i was terrified. more scared than i've ever been in my life. then all of a sudden my boyfriend went " ok its over". i turned on the light and sure enough everything looked normal again. but my mind was not normal. i had to question everything.  but i was not terrified anymore. we sat in bed in the light and laughed and made jokes all night. at one point i reached a decision that there was no alabama. we vowed never to do shrooms again. but acid... thats a different story.

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