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kelidoscope walls ?

It all started one day when I decided to get some shrooms.

It all started one day when I decided to get some shrooms. They were Panelous Cyaneas or somthing like that (hawaiin)

I waited till about 11 pm and then dosed on about 4 grams. I was sitting in the dark on my computer waiting for them to kick in and I looked over at the wall and it was growing a sweater on it. This kinda freaked me out so I got up real fast and turned on the light.
After I had the light on I was sitting naked on the computer and all of a sudden my penis lifted itself up and started moving itself up and around (it was not erect.) This was kind of cool so I just kept hanging out looking for more visuals so I looked down at my floor and it had fog on it about 2-3 inches thick moving pretty fast towards me going past me disapearing into the wall. As I was looking at the fog I started seeing faces in it. I saw Mickey Mouse, Superman, Cartman from southpark. and alot of other charectars and then I decided being naked was bothering me for some reason so I put on my boxers. They are green and black (small squares) and they started warping into black into green and green into black. (at this point i was peaking.) And I looked at the wall and it has kelidiskope patterns all over it rotating. and then they warped into faces and started circling each other. I decided to go back to fucking around with my computer and I couldnt read what people were typing in the chatroom cause the text was melting and it just didnt make any sense. the whole time I was having this experience I heard some weird ass music its kind of hard to explain like a trance. I cant explain it. but I went to the bathroom to take a piss and I looked in my mirror and my face has all kinds of swirly's all over it.. I went back to my computer room and sat down and the visuals were getting less intense but I saw tons of colors everywhere. I closed my eyes and saw a flower and i zoomed up on it doing like 100 mph and i swirled inside of it and i could smell the flower. by this time it was getting kind of late so I decided to try and sleep. I was trying to sleep but i had a weird taste in my mouth. not like somthing i ate but like i could taste my tiredness. It doesnt make much sense. after about an hour i couldnt sleep and i had to piss i decided the toilet was to far so i went out my back door and pissed all over my porch. I went inside and fell asleep and woke up about 5 pm the next day. I fell asleep somewhere about 7:30 am. Kind of a weird experience but it was well worth it.

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By Dastoner

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